India rejects Chinese proposal to diffuse tension on LAC in Ladakh

New Delhi: India has rejected the Chinese proposal to diffuse tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Reports regarding this have been published and this once again proves that India is not willing to believe China. China suggested that both countries withdraw their armies from Finger 1 to Finger 8 on the LAC in Ladakh. But India has a firm demand that the armies should retreat to the pre-March position. India has warned China that the tension will not be diffused unless this situation is created.


India rejects Chinese proposal to diffuse tension on LAC in LadakhChinese army had attempted intrusion in the region to the north of Pangong Tso lake, in Ladakh. The Chinese soldiers launched a cowardly attack on the Indian soldiers martyring 20 Indian soldiers, including colonel Santosh Babu. China continued its intrusion attempts, on the LAC, even after the attack. The Chinese military also made an unsuccessful attempt to recapture the Renchin La and other hills acquired by the Indian army. After this jolt, China expected India to withdraw its military. Former military officials are warning that once the Indian military retreats, China will take over the hills.

Chinese soldiers are shivering in the Ladakh cold. Whereas, the Indian soldiers conditioned to operate in these regions are discharging their duties with ease. Former military officials and analysts warn the Indian government that they should not allow China to maintain its prestige by withdrawing the Indian military in this situation. The fact cannot be overlooked that China can betray India by immediately deploying its military in the LAC regions, vacated by the Indian Army. Therefore, former military officials say that India should not consider the military withdrawal unless all its demands are met.

Only a day ago, Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane visited the LAC in Ladakh and reviewed the level of preparedness there. The senior military officials have also given a verdict that there is no possibility of the tension diffusing on the LAC in Ladakh, soon. Therefore, at least now, India is not willing to believe any Chinese statements. On the other hand, China seems to be struggling to maintain its prestige. A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed a new military official for the LAC in this region. Therefore, there are indications that China will initiate some newer tactics in the region. India too has made additional deployment on this part of the LAC. At the same time, India will be deploying boats to patrol the Pangong Tso lake. China claims that complete rights over this lake. Whereas, India claims that a major part of the lake is in India.

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