China-Pakistan cooperation poses a potent threat to India: Army chief General Naravane

New Delhi: General Manoj Mukund Naravane, Chief of the Army Staff, warned China and Pakistan in strong words. The Army chief said,‘ China and Pakistan cooperation poses a potent threat to India. We cannot ignore the fact that both nations are cooperating on military and non-military sectors. The Indian Army is preparing for a war on Chinese as well as Pakistani fronts. Also, the Army is ready for any challenge.’ Simultaneously, the Army chief emphasised that the Indian Army would not retreat from the hills to the south of Pangong Tso lake.


China-Pakistan cooperation poses a potent threat to India: Army chief General NaravaneGen Naravane clarified that ‘Cooperation between China and Pakistan has not remained only a possibility anymore. Their cooperation on military and non-military sectors is now clearly visible. It cannot be ignored that the cooperation between them poses a potent threat to the nation’s security. The military is keeping a close watch on the developments and is ready to fight a war on both fronts.’ The Army chief further clarified that the Indian military is on high alert in Ladakh and the LAC.

Discussions are being held with China to resolve the LAC dispute in Ladakh, and General Naravane expressed confidence that discussions would help fix it. However, the Army chief went on to say that the Indian Army will not withdraw from the hills to the south of the Pangong Tso lake, as the deployment is extremely crucial in view of national interest. Last year, at the end of August, the Indian Army gained control over the hills and busted all the Chinese military plots. China is consistently demanding the Indian Army withdraw from the region. Therefore, Gen Naravane’s statement assumes much significance.

Army chief Gen Naravane issued a warning to Pakistan in suggestive words and said, ‘Meanwhile, Pakistan is still encouraging terrorism and India has adopted a no-tolerance policy towards terrorism. Henceforth, any Pakistani terrorist activity will face strong retaliation. The response will be precise and crushing.’

Terrorists have become active in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) again, and reports say they are trying to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir. Given the developments, the warning issued by the Army chief is noteworthy.

China and Pakistan can join hands to challenge India, simultaneously, on both the fronts, in the east and west. The military analysts and former military officials have consistently stated that India recognises the threat and has prepared for a conflict on both the fronts. According to them, there are independent systems in place for military deployments and providing supplies on both the borders. Also, India has structured its systems such that they do not get burdened.

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