China blames India for flaring up border dispute

New Delhi: China, who was making repeated requests for bilateral talks between Defence Ministers only a day ago, has started making a fuss that it is India who is responsible for flaring up the border dispute. Chinese foreign ministry said that this dispute was started by India, and it is the Indian responsibility to resolve this dispute. But the Indian Defence Minister has warned in stern words during the discussions held in Moscow that if China wants peace, then there is no other option than withdrawing its military from the LAC. The US President applauded the aggressive stand adopted by India and has offered to mediate to defuse the tension in the region.

China makes fuss that India flared up the border disputeOn Friday, a meeting of the Defence Ministers of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation was held in Moscow. Chinese Defence Minister We Fang made several attempts to meet Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. India, who refused to hold talks initially, finally acceded to the Chinese request. But during the discussions, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh proclaimed that border peace is not possible unless China withdraws its military from the LAC. It is reported that China had to retreat in front of Indian aggression. After the Indian media highlighted the matter, there was a change in the Chinese language.

China makes fuss that India flared up the border disputeOn Saturday, China started making a fuss that the border tension has been created because of Indian aggression. Saying that the responsibility to diffuse the tension lies with India, the Chinese foreign ministry demanded that India should withdraw its military from the LAC. Although China is putting up a brave face, it is clear that it is panicking after the Pangong Lake action of the Indian Army. Therefore, China is thinking as to how it can stop India and is thus making massive deployments.

At midnight, on 29-30 August, the Chinese soldiers could not face the Indian onslaught is now known to the entire world. Therefore, a message that India can retaliate very strongly against China has been delivered once again to the international community. China is vying to coverup the embarrassment caused due to this. At the same time, China does not have the courage to enter into another conflict with India. China wants to find a solution without withdrawing from Ladakh. But while doing that, it is making all these frantic efforts so that no one thinks that it was forced to retreat.

China makes fuss that India flared up the border disputeChina is in a dilemma that it cannot withdraw from Ladakh, and its military cannot face the Indian Army. Therefore, the possibility of China making another military misadventure cannot be denied. Thus, US President Donald Trump expressed concern saying that the situation on the India-China border is tense. President Trump has offered to mediate in this matter. At the same time, the United States is praising the fitting reply given by the Indian Army to China, who is bullying all its neighbours based on its military might. The international support received by India on this front is also growing by the day. The Chinese position is becoming more and more difficult due to this, and China is grappled with the fear that the Indian military will make more advances. Some news channels claimed that China has planted land mines in the border areas in the Ladakh region.

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