India is war-ready & warns China by building memorial for Galwan Valley martyrs

New Delhi: India has constructed a memorial for the 20 soldiers martyred in the cowardly attack by the Chinese soldiers, in the Galwan Valley. The memorial built for Colonel Santosh Babu and his colleagues from the 16 Bihar Regiment, will keep alive, the memories of the bravery of the martyrs and betrayal by China. With this, India has issued a strong warning, to China and has also delivered a message that China will not get another chance to betray India. At the same time, Indian ultramodern tanks have been deployed on the Ladakh border along with advanced missiles, in war-ready condition and the military officials claim that the Chinese tanks will not be able to face the onslaught of the Indian tanks.


Winter has started intensifying in the Ladakh region and the effects are already apparent, in the Chinese soldiers. The Chinese soldiers, not used to the freezing weather, have started reporting sick and they have to be moved to hospitals for treatment. China did not consider the possibility that India will deploy its military for a long time. But India infuriated after the Galwan betrayal, retaliated in a way that rocked China. China was under a misconception that it can make India bow, by pressurising it with huge military deployment on the LAC. But instead, India has put the pressure back on China with an equivalent deployment. India has further cornered China by capturing strategic locations to the south of Pangong Tso lake on 29th-30th August.

War-prepared India warns China by building a memorial of the Galwan Valley martyrsEven the Pakistani analysts, who always participated, with zest, in the Chinese propaganda, have started accepting that the Indian position is stronger in Ladakh than China. There has been a change in the Chinese tones, following the deployment of BrahMos, Akash and Nirbhay missiles on the LAC. The Indian military officials are exuding confidence that the Chinese tanks will not be able to face the Indian Arjun and Bhishma tanks, in a war scenario. At the same time, reports of depleting moral of the Chinese soldiers, are also being received. Therefore, China, as of now, seems to be searching for ways of respectful withdrawal from the LAC.

While the tension is reigning on the LAC at Ladakh, India, the United States, Japan and Australia will soon be holding the QUAD meeting in Japan. China has become extremely restless with these developments and is expressing confidence that the border dispute can be resolved through negotiations. At the same time, Chinese government mouthpiece, Global Times, is warning US secretary of State Mike Pompeo, not to dream about forming a front against China. India, Japan and Australia cannot join the US front, as these countries will have face economic consequences, following that. Therefore, Global times claimed that the front against China will remain an Arabian Nights dream for the United States.

Although the Global Times is bragging about it, it is consistently being revealed that the QUAD cooperation is giving palpitations to China. China has especially panicked after the announcement made by US Secretary for Defence, Mark Esper, to form a NATO-like military organisation, with the countries in the Indo-Pacific region. China has started feeling the military pressure and even the Pro-China analysts from China’s closest ally, Pakistan, have started accepting that China has engaged on too many fronts, at the same time. In this scenario, the Pakistani analysts are raising a question ‘What should be done if a choice has to be made between China and the United States?’ in view of the challenges faced by China becoming more arduous, Pakistan is grappled with the fear ‘Will Pakistan have to pay the price for the China-Pakistan friendship?’

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