India continues to retaliate against Chinese intrusion befittingly on the LAC: Former Army Chief VK Singh

Madurai: Former Army Chief General VK Singh said that the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China has not been perfectly demarcated. Taking undue advantage of this fact, China has been intruding into Indian territories regularly. These reports are published in the Indian media. But the reports that Indian Army intruded into the territories claimed by China as its own do not get published in the Indian media. I can assure you that if the Chinese Army has intruded 10 times, the Indian Army has intruded at least 50 times. But the Chinese media will not report this.’


Former Army Chief and Minister of State for Roads and Transport General VK Singh informed that the Indian Army is stationed at the locations where China does not want it to be. The Indian Army is fully capable of strong retaliation if China shows any aggression. General Singh cited examples from the past saying that the Chinese soldiers used to intrude into Indian territories, build tents in the area and negotiate to establish their rights on the area and withdraw from there.

India continues to retaliate against Chinese intrusion befittingly on the LAC: Former Army Chief VK SinghFormer Army Chief clarified ‘But now the situation has changed. Now our government has adopted a tough stand against the Chinese intrusions. Last year, the Chinese intrusion on the LAC in Ladakh received a strong reply. This has exerted tremendous pressure on China. The Indian soldiers are deployed on the LAC at locations that China does not want. China has come to realise that it is not easy to intrude into India anymore.

The Indian military is fully equipped to retaliate strongly if China attempts aggression on the LAC in Ladakh. Moreover, India has made China pay a huge economic price for the action, on the LAC in Ladakh. Former Army Chief reminded that ban on the Chinese apps and restrictions on the Chinese products has badly hit China. Simultaneously, the former Army Chief also pointed out that India has frankly told China to withdraw its soldiers from the LAC, even during military negotiations.

Meanwhile, the reports appear in media that the Chinese soldiers attempt intrusion and Indian soldiers. But a few days ago, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh indicated differently, during an interview. The Defence Minister gave a significant answer to the question, ‘Has the Chinese army intruded into the Indian Territory on the LAC?’ Even an inch of Indian territory will not fall in anyone else’s hands. In fact, you should reverse the question ‘Is China intruding into Indian territory?’. At the same time, Rajnath Singh had pointed out that sensitive information regarding the country’s security cannot be exposed.

20 Indian soldiers including Colonel Santosh Babu of the Indian Army had been martyred during a conflict in the Galwan Valley, in Ladakh. The Chinese Army also suffered major losses in the conflict. But China hid all the information. In reality, the Chinese Army suffered a major jolt due to the blow delivered by the Indian soldiers. China was worried about defending its reputation. Therefore, China started a malicious media campaign using its government media, that the Indian Army is in a very dangerous condition on the LAC. But the Chinese media are not considered credible on the international level. Therefore, the media campaign started by China was not successful.

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