China incites India by deploying tanks at LAC in Ladakh

New Delhi: China keeps saying that talks are being held with India to diffuse the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. But in reality, China seems to have started inciting activities on the LAC instead of making efforts to diffuse the tension. China has deployed its tanks near Rezang La, Rechin La and Mukhosari on the LAC in eastern Ladakh. This is a new Chinese ploy to increase pressure on the Indian Army. But India being fully aware of the Chinese tactics, the Indian Army has already deployed anti-tank missiles in the region. China has deployed more than 50,000 soldiers on the LAC in Ladakh.


Moreover, China had deployed super-advanced fighter jets in this sector, indicating that it was ready for an action against India. At the same time, the Chinese Army has deployed long-range artillery guns and missiles in this sector. China guessed that this would increase pressure on the Indian Army; then China will be able to dominate the talks, being held for diffusing the tension on the LAC. But there was a sea change in the Indian stand, after the cowardly attack by China, in the Galwan valley.

China incites India with deployment of tanks of the LAC at LadakhIndia has giving a fitting reply to China with an equivalent deployment on the LAC in Ladakh. Therefore, China has deployed 30 to 35 tanks in the region near Rezang La, Rechin La and Mukhosari. Former military officials are criticising that Deployment of tanks on any country’s border means preparations for a conflict and therefore, this is an act of incitement by China. But India has already made preparations to counter these Chinese tactics.

The Indian Army has deployed tanks at the height of nearly 17,000 feet. India has made the necessary preparations against China with this first-ever deployment of tanks at such a height. The Indian Army has also deployed Aakash and other missiles capable to targeting the Chinese tanks, in the region. Therefore, there is no possibility of the pressure increasing on the Indian Army. Instead, this deployment may boomerang on China itself.

Last year, on the night of 29th-30th August, the Indian soldiers took control of the Rezang La, Rechin La and Mukhosari hills in a swift surprise action. This was a dazzling action taken by the Indian soldiers, without the Chinese soldiers realising it and this gave a major strategic advantage for the Indian Army. The Chinese military tried to attack, to try and make the Indian Army retreat. But the Indian Army issued a stern warning that any further attempts will be replied with bullets. The Chinese soldiers were forced to retreat after this.

The Indian Army has made necessary deployments on the Rezang La, Rechin La, Mukhosari and other hills. This has made it very easy for the Indian Army, to monitor the movements of the Chinese military. This has made China restless and reports have been received that the Chinese President has taken serious cognisance of the Chinese military’s failure.

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