A spate of dreadful attacks by Taliban terrorists continues in Afghanistan, 31 killed in 2 days

Kabul: – 17 soldiers were killed after the Taliban launched an offensive attack on the Afghan security forces on Wednesday.  Whereas, another attack was carried out on the Afghan police force on Wednesday night, killing seven police officers. On Thursday, a mortar exploded in the school ground in the Takhar province of Afghanistan, killing seven students. NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned the Taliban that NATO is committed to the security of Afghanistan. On Wednesday, the Taliban targeted the Afghan security post in the Jowzjan province. 12 Afghan soldiers were killed in the attack. Five Taliban terrorists were also killed in the encounter. Taliban has accepted the responsibility of the attack. Within only a few hours of this attack, another attack was launched in Kunduz city. The attack was on the security post in this city. Five soldiers were killed, and seven were injured in the attack. Whereas, on Wednesday night, seven policemen were killed in the Taliban attack in the Baghlan province. 

Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists

Taliban has launched 22 attacks on the Afghan security forces in the last few days, and 422 Afghan soldiers have been killed in the attacks. Therefore, the peace process seems to have ended in Afghanistan.

NATO wants peace in Afghanistan. Stoltenberg clarified that NATO is committed to the security of Afghanistan. At the same time, the Secretary General of NATO issued a stern warning to the Taliban  saying that Taliban has still not severed its ties with Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations. The Secretary General of NATO asserted that the military would not be withdrawn unless peace is established in Afghanistan. 

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