Pakistan army kills 39 terrorists in crackdown against terror attack, death toll rises to 80

Karachi: The deadly bomb blast that took place on Thursday night at a place of worship in Pakistan’s Karachi has claimed 80 lives. After the blast, the Pakistani security forces have initiated an operation against the terrorists and killed 39. Additionally, the Pakistani army has submitted a list of around 76 ‘Wanted’ terrorists to Afghanistan and has made demands of either a strict action against them or of handing them over to Pakistan. Also, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing at Torkham has been sealed.  


Pakistan-KarachiThe ‘IS’ which has been causing massive bloodshed in Iraq and Syria, has now established its network in Pakistan. Also, it has displayed its might to Pakistan by causing a massive bomb blast in a shrine in Karachi on Thursday. The death toll in the bomb blast that occurred at night, has crossed 80 and more than 250 were reported to be injured. While Pakistan is under tremendous shock due this incident, this terrorist attack has once again proven that this country has become extremely unsafe. Since the past few days, American military officials and analysts are expressing concern over Pakistan’s future. A bomb blast, occurring under such circumstances is a clear indicator of the Pakistan security agency’s limits, criticised the country’s own media.  

Approximately 8 terrorist attacks have taken place just within this week. Even so, after the aforementioned terror attack in Karachi, it has been informed that the Pakistani security forces have undertaken a nationwide crack down and killed 39 terrorists.  

However, it is worth noticing that the terrorists were only from Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pukhtanwala regions and none from the Pakistan’s Punjab province. Also, it is now evident from the information published by Pakistani media that the report concerning the encounters with the terrorists is not credible.  

The recently appointed Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, Mr. Aizaz Chaudhry said that Pakistan faces great peril from ‘IS’. Nevertheless, he also alleged that terrorists were being sent to Pakistan from Afghanistan. He has also laid claims that these terrorist attacks solely aim to sabotage the ‘Super League’ cricket tournament that are to be held in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistani Military has linked this attack to Afghani terrorists. Every drop of the nation’s blood shred in these attacks shall be revenged, said the Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa.  

The Pakistani Army has handed over a list of nearly 76 most wanted terrorists to the Afghan embassy officials. The Pakistani Military has made demands to Afghanistan to either take action against terrorists causing destruction who operate from Afghanistan or to handover these terrorists to Pakistan. After the dreadful terror attack in a school at Peshawar in 2014, the then Pakistan military’s chief had visited Afghanistan and demanded action against the terrorists. However, Afghanistan had rebuked this sharply by denying the allegations and demands that were made and asked Pakistan to first eliminate the Talibani Terrorists in Pakistan. There is strong possibility of Pakistan receiving a similar response this time as well.

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