Taiwan will fight till the end if China attacks, declares Taiwanese Foreign Minister

Taipei: – US military officials are expressing a possibility that China will soon attack Taiwan to take over the country. The US officials are making this claim because of the Chinese activities in this sector. Taiwan has taken cognisance of this, and the Taiwanese Foreign Minister said that Taiwan was prepared for a Chinese attack. The Taiwanese Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, said that the country would fight till the very end in case of a Chinese attack.   

china-taiwan-fightA few hours ago, Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning reached near the Taiwanese Gulf, along with five destroyers. The Chinese warships have started war exercises in this region, and China announced that these exercises would be a routine affair. It is claimed that the practices by the Chinese warships in this region near the Taiwanese Gulf are a warning for Taiwan. US military officials and analysts are expressing concerns over China’s aggressive stand in the Taiwan issue.   

Admiral Phil Davidson, Commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, had warned regarding the Chinese intentions in the report submitted to the US Congress. Admiral Davidson had claimed that China could swallow Taiwan in the next six years. Whereas, his successor, Admiral John Aquilino, expressed concern while speaking in front of the US Congress that China may carry out such action against Taiwan within a period shorter than six years. A few US officials had said that the intrusion of the Chinese aeroplanes and ships into the Taiwanese limits also is a cause for concern.   

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu presented his country’s stand regarding the concerns expressed by the US officials and the Chinese war exercises. Foreign Minister Wu announced, ‘The US officials’ statements show that the threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan has reached dangerous proportions. In that scenario, Taiwan is ready to face the Chinese attack. If necessary, we will fight till the very last day for Taiwanese independence.’ The Taiwanese Foreign Minister said that Taiwan is prepared to increase its military strength and defence expenditure for this purpose.   

Meanwhile, against the background of the increasing tension with China, Taiwan started manufacturing long-range missiles on a large scale. Also, Taiwan will be holding war exercises within the next two weeks. In these exercises, Taiwan will be preparing to face the probable Chinese attack. 

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