Chinese destroyers patrol in the Taiwanese marine region

Third World WarTaipei/Beijing: China has reacted strongly against the increasing military and political cooperation between Taiwan and the United States and the increasing movements of the US warships in the Taiwanese marine limits. China has dispatched a fleet of destroyers to the Taiwanese marine region, and the Chinese media have claimed that this is a warning for the United States. The Taiwanese defence ministry has criticised the patrolling by the Chinese warships in its marine region. Therefore, as per the claims of the European analysts, the chances of a face off between the United States and China over the Taiwan issue have significantly increased.

china, taiwanese marine region, taiwanTaiwanese defence ministry gave the information that Chinese patrol ships and destroyers intruded in Taiwanese marine limits for patrolling. China, who claims that Taiwan is not an independent country and is a part of its sovereign territory, said that this was a part of a routine campaign. But the Taiwanese defence ministry criticised that this Chinese patrolling has increased the tension in the region. It has not been revealed as to how many destroyers and patrol vessels were involved in the patrolling inside the Taiwanese marine limits. China also has refrained from reacting against the Taiwanese allegations. In the last one year, China has increased its naval activities in the Taiwanese marine region. Two days ago, Taiwanese defence ministry had made such an allegation. At the beginning of this year, the sole Chinese aircraft carrier and its associated fleet of destroyers had sailed through the Taiwanese marine limit. After that, the Chinese destroyers had sailed aggressively towards the Taiwanese destroyers creating tension in the Taiwanese Gulf. Incident has been reported of the Chinese fighter jets intruding in the Taiwanese airspace.

The main reason behind the Chinese restlessness is the increasing cooperation between the United States and Taiwan since the last two years. US President Donald Trump has attached a lot of importance to the friendship with Taiwan. A few months ago, the United States opened a government office in Taiwan. The Chinese media had criticised that this office is the US embassy under a disguise. After that, the United States announced the supply of helicopters and fighter jets to Taiwan. Taiwan had welcomed the decision of the United States.

China has always objected to this political and military cooperation between the United States and Taiwan. China, who always has claimed Taiwan as its sovereign territory, had reprimanded that the countries of the world should respect the One China Policy. Some of the African and Latin American countries severed their ties with Taiwan after this Chinese threat. But in the same period, the cooperation between the United States and Taiwan went on increasing.

Given this cooperation, the United States had dispatched two of its destroyers to Taiwanese marine region. Taiwan had welcomed this patrolling by the US destroyers. This was the third patrolling by the US warships in the Taiwanese waters. The Chinese government media claimed that infuriated by this; China sent a fleet of destroyers to the Taiwanese waters to issue a warning to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese newspapers have criticised that the Chinese destroyers intruded into their country’s marine limits. Whereas the Taiwanese analysts and newspapers have appealed to Tsai Ing-Wen, the Taiwanese President to retaliate against China by increasing the relations with the United States.

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