Myanmar: 581 killed in military crackdown so far; junta prepares to impose 2-year emergency

Yangon: – 13 protestors were killed in action taken by the Junta regime in the Sagaing province of Myanmar. Accusing that the Junta regime in Myanmar, taking action against its own population, is supported by the Chinese communist regime, protestors set a Chinese factory in the city of Yangon on fire. Meanwhile, the Myanmar military has arrested 2,750 people to date. Also, it is being reported that the military officials have started moves to impose an emergency in the country for two years.  

myanmar-forcesTwo months ago, the Myanmar military arrested democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi, trampling the results of the general elections. Hundreds of leaders from her party were also arrested. Many demonstrators demanded that the military give up the forcibly acquired power and reinstate the elected government started in Myanmar after the coup.   

The agitation is receiving massive support from all corners of the country. School children, teachers, doctors and even police officers have joined the protests.   

The military has resorted to indiscriminate firing at many places, and 581 protestors have been killed in the firing. 13 protestors were killed in the firing by the army in the city of Kale on Wednesday.  

Photographs of the protestors killed in the firing have been published in the Myanmar media, and the resentment against the military regime has reached its peak. Rebel organisations and religious groups from Myanmar also have joined the protests.   

But the Myanmar military is not willing to retreat. The protestors are alleging that the military is taking these actions because of the support received by it from the Chinese communist regime. In retaliation, protestors set a Chinese trader’s factory, in Yangon city, along with the raw materials, on fire.  

Photographs of protestors setting the Chinese flag on fire in the city of Yangon also have been posted on social media. In the last month alone, 32 incidents of attacks on Chinese factories have been reported.  

Myanmar military has taken cognisance of this, and the Junta regime’s chief has ordered harsh actions against the protestors. Simultaneously, it is claimed that the period of emergency imposed has been increased to get control of the situation. As per the Myanmar military’s indications, this extension will be for two years.   

The Myanmar military had banned the foreign media until now, but fears are being expressed that actions could be initiated against the Myanmar media, too, after the imposition of the emergency.   

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