Steve Bannon former advisor to President Trump, forms ‘The Movement’ to boost Europe’s nationalists

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London: The organisation to retaliate against those trying to corner the political parties and groups, having a stand against the immigrants from other religion, has been formed. The organisation by the name of ‘The Movement’ has been set up by Steve Bannon, the former advisor to US President Trump. ‘The main objective of ‘The Movement’ will be to counter the lobbying for immigrants in Europe and the United States, by billionaire investor George Soros.

The European parliament elections will be held in 2019. Bannon announced that ‘The Movement’ will make all the efforts to ensure that maximum representatives in the parliament would be from the strong nationalist and rightist groups opposing the immigrants. This election will see a fight between the Davos group, who supports the immigrants and the true representatives of the European population. This election will be very important from Europe’s future point of view, claimed Bannon.

Raheem Kassam, advisor to Nigel Farage, the staunch opponent of the European Union from the United Kingdom, will be looking after the working of the organisation along with Bannon. Kassam explained the objective of the organisation in one of the interviews. ‘The main objective of ‘The Movement’ will be helping the nationalist and popular organisations acquire their rightful place in their countries. The organisation will focus on promoting the groups giving importance to the issues of sovereignty, controlling the borders and employment,’ informed Kassam.

Kassam informed that the organisation has been formed and the financial provisions for its future programs have been made. Kassam avoided divulging any more information about ‘The Movement.’ But Kassam attacked the European Union during the interview. ‘Today the democracy in the western countries is under a threat from powers like the European Union. Therefore, to challenge them, our headquarters will be based in Brussels itself,’ informed Kassam.

‘For the last so many years, the European political system has taken all the decisions in the interest of private organisations. But they also covered up the wrong policies of these organisations and never thought of the welfare of the European population,’ saying this Kassam targeted the ‘Open Society Foundation’ of George Soros. The upcoming European Union elections in 2019 will be a major test and that it will be a tough competition between the liberal and the nationalist groups, claimed Kassam.

Reportedly, Bannon has initiated talks with the leaders of the rightist groups in Europe. Bannon has started meeting the rightist leaders in Europe to chart out the future course of action for the organisation. Last week, Bannon met Farage and Lois Elliott in London. Farage, a Trump supporter, is known as a staunch opponent of the European Union whereas Lois Elliott is considered to be a close associate of the French nationalist leader Marine Le Pen.

Other than these, Bannon also met Alice Weidel of ‘Alternative for Germany’, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Italian Minister for Interior Salvini and is claimed to be in contact with the other rightist leaders in Europe.

Meanwhile, during his London visit, Bannon gave a reaction that nationalist leader Tommy Robinson, detained by the British security agencies is the spine of the United Kingdom. Robinson has been detained by the British security agencies since the last month. It is claimed that he was arrested for the aggressive stance against immigrants from other religions.

The rightist leaders in Europe have appealed for the release of Robinson. Protests are being held in the United Kingdom for this purpose. There are indications that such anti-immigrant agitations will start in the other European countries with support from ‘The Movement’ in the coming times.

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