Vatican starts training in Exorcism to ward off evil forces

Third World WarRome: Vatican has started a course in ‘Exorcism’ to free the people besieged by evil and satanic spirits. More than 250 Priests from 50 countries are attending this course. The number of people being possessed by ghosts and evil spirits is rapidly increasing and ‘Exorcism’ is considered to be the science to provide solutions to this problem. The course is said to include studies on human anthropology, religion and psychology. Vatican, the highest Christian institution, has been conducting this course since the year, 2005.

The Priests gathered for the ‘Exorcism’ course informed the media that they come across a number of people complaining about being possessed by the evils spirits and to be suffering the effects of the same. There are about 5  lac people claiming to be possessed by the evil spirits in Italy alone. But the number of ‘Exorcists’ who can resolve the problem is only around 400. Thus, the Information came to the fore that there is a rising demand for trained exorcists to tackle the problem of possession by ghosts and evil spirits. Last year, the supreme Christian Priest, Pope Francis had delivered an important message on this matter.

Last year during the exorcism course, Pope Francis had said, ‘The Priests should send those suffering from this kind of troubles to Exorcists without any hesitation’. This appeal is taking effect and everyone seems to be thanking the much-revered Pope. This is evident from the response to the exorcism course this year. The religious priests who have gathered here from 50 countries have shared their experiences about this.

While there is an increase in the incidents of possession by ghosts and evil spirits in Italy, similar complaints are being received even from the UK. The increasing influence of these evil spirits is a major threat to the world. As per experts, the main cause of concern is that these evil spirits could be easily misused during such a time of the Third World War. In such challenging times, the initiative taken by the supreme Christian institution, the Vatican, to counter these negative forces and set free those who are suffering their effects is considered a positive move.