UK, who freed more than half the Europe during second world war gets humiliated by the EU

Third World War

London: The United Kingdom played an important role in freeing more than half of Europe during the second world war. British ruling party member, Daniel Kawczynski has accused that now the European Union is meting out a degrading treatment to the United Kingdom in the Brexit issue. At the same time, British Minister for trade, Liam Fox has claimed that the European Union has adopted a very irresponsible stand denying negotiations on Brexit. The statements of the British ruling party members only indicate that the gap between the United Kingdom and the European Union is widening over the Brexit issue.

Since the last few days, there is a major political conflict in the United Kingdom over Brexit, and it is still not clear as to what the government leaders will decide by Theresa May. Prime Minister May has promised to get more concessions from the European Union, and she will once again be visiting the European Union headquarters in Brussels. But the Union has taken a firm stand that there cannot be renegotiations on the terms of the agreement, saying that the United Kingdom should come forward for talks only after it has taken a firm decision.

This stand of the Union has generated a lot of negative reactions from the United Kingdom, and the statements of Kawczynski and Fox are a part of the same responses. Parliamentarian Kawczynski mentioned the developments during the second world war while reminding of the contributions of the United Kingdom towards Europe. Kawczynski claimed that the United Kingdom played an important role in freedom and rebuilding of many countries in Europe. Kawczynski said that the United Kingdom had made major sacrifices to ensure the financial aid to European countries and in the rebuilding process of these countries.

He also claimed that the United Kingdom had contributed nearly GBP 370 billion since joining the Union. Kawczynski mentioned the sacrifice by the United Kingdom saying, Germany and the other countries received huge funding from the United States after the second world war, whereas the United Kingdom refused to accept any funding after 1990. Kawczynski warned that despite all this, the European Union is meting out a degrading treatment to the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom will always remember this.

British Trade Minister, Liam Fox, lashed out at the Union saying that the Union is promoting the NO Brexit option, refusing to renegotiate the terms of Brexit. The agreement is beneficial for both the parties. Taking a stand not to discuss the matter, is very irresponsible.

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