South Korea will attempt to improve relations with North Korea, announces South Korea’s newly elected President

Seoul : To reduce the tensions created in the Korean peninsula due to North Korea’s nuclear program and to improve relations with a neighboring country would be his attempt, so announced South Korea’s new President ‘Moon Jae-in’. The President made it clear that for this reason he will very soon visit North Korea and meet dictator Kim Jong-Un. In view of the   accelerating tensions in the Korean peninsula, this announcement made by the new South Korean President could be considered important.

South-KoreaAfter the expulsion of Park Geun-hye in March,  from the position of  President of South Korea, on charges of corruption and irregularities,  new elections were announced in South Korea. Accordingly, in the election held on Tuesday; Democratic Party’s ‘Moon Jae-in’ won the elections by 41.4 percent votes.This victory  of the human rights practitioner  ‘In’ is believed to be an important milestone  in the political history  of South Korea.

Till now South Korea had taken a very radical stance against North Korea’s nuclear and missile program. So far the  South Korean government had supported all moves from imposing economic sanctions on North Korea to deployment of US anti-ballistic missile system ‘THAAD’ in South Korea. However, analysts in South Korea now claim that there would be a  change in South Korea’s pro US stand during President In’s tenure.

On Wednesday, after taking the oath as President, ‘Moon Jae-in’ announced that he will take a conciliatory approach with all  nations. In the context of the rising tensions in the Korean peninsula, President In expressed his readiness to tour US, China and Japan.Similarly, at an appropriate time President In  said he would visit  North Korea and meet the dictator Kim Jong-Un.

 During his presidential election campaign, In had indicated that in order to maintain stability and peace in the Korean peninsula he would try to conciliate with North Korea. Similarly, in his book released in January, he had given a clear view that South Korea which supports each and every action of US must learn to say NO to US.

President In also has an independent view of  the deployment of ‘THAAD’ in South Korea by the US. As there is an opposition to the deployment of ‘THAAD‘ by the neighboring country China, South Korea should not make haste over the deployment of this missile-defense system. He had expressed very clearly in his election campaign that a meaningful dialogue with US and China should resolve this dispute.

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