North Korea will not conduct nuclear tests and missile launches, announces Dictator Kim Jong-Un

Third World WarPyongyang: The North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-Un made a sensational announcement that North Korea has attained a certified nuclear capability and that it will not conduct nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches in the future. The International community including the United States, China and South Korea have collectively welcomed this announcement. However, Japan has expressed its discontent saying that it is not satisfied with the Korean announcement. Analysts have claimed that this announcement by Kim-Jong-Un will help create an atmosphere for potential discussions in the impending historical meeting between the North Korean Dictator and the President of the United States.

Kim Jong-Un made this announcement in the ruling party meeting held on Friday. He announced that North Korea has attained nuclear capability and there is no further need for nuclear testing. He announced that the nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches will be completely stopped from Saturday the 21st of April. Kim Jong-Un also announced that North Korea will close down the facility for nuclear testing and will not use nuclear weapons in the future.

Kim Jong-Un said that from now on, North Korea will be working on peace and stability in the Korean region and implement a socialistic economy to raise the living standard of its people. But he also asserted that North Korea shall use nuclear weapons only if there is a perceived nuclear threat to the country in the near future.

Although the North Korean announcement has created a stir, the international community on the whole has welcomed the announcement. United States President Donald Trump has tweeted that this is a ‘Good News’ for the world. This is a major progress and I am looking forward to our meeting, reacted President Trump.

South Korea and China have also welcomed the announcement by Kim Jong-Un, along with United States. This has become an important decision for South Korea, in view of the meeting scheduled between Kim Jong-Un and the South Korean President next week. ‘The world was waiting for a nuclear non-proliferation from the Korean region and this North Korean decision is an important progress,’ was the reaction from the South Korean President’s office. China also has welcomed the announcement and has expressed hope that North Korea will continue to tread the path of nuclear non-proliferation and political realignment.

While the international community is reacting positively to the news, Japan has expressed caution. ‘We are not satisfied with the North Korean announcement. They have not clarified their position on the short and medium range missiles. Japan, therefore, will not change its policy of putting pressure on North Korea,’ said the Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera.

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