US plans military action against North Korea nuclear program

Washington : The ‘White House’ indicated of employing the option of direct military action to retaliate the threat of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The news about this idea being expressed by the US President Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor ‘Kathleen T. McFarland’ was published by a famous newspaper in the US. So far this has been the biggest change in the stance adopted by the US regarding North Korea, claimed the said newspaper.


Last month, the US President, Donald Trump had notified his group of Security Advisors in the White House to create an urgent report regarding North Korea. The report requested by Trump included information about the hazards of North Korea’s nuclear program and the US retaliation plan for it. Two weeks later, Deputy Advisor ‘McFarland’ notified about presenting her plan post her discussions with senior authorities in the White House and in the Defense Ministry.

Accordingly, a few officials in the Trump administration appealed of creating major changes in the US foreign policy regarding North Korea. A few officials also presented the plan to consider overthrowing the regime of Kim Jong-un or the option of taking military action, claimed ‘The Wall Street Journal’. The Deputy Security Advisor ‘McFarland’ has presented all these ideas in front of President Trump. The US has kept all its options open about North Korea and the White House is giving more importance to direct military action, claimed the US newspaper.

Last month, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe had met President Trump while on a tour of the US. At the same time North Korea had launched a short range missile in the direction of Japan’s marine area. However, North Korea had claimed it to be a part of missile testing. Post that, by stating that the US is committed towards the security of its allied nations, President Trump had warned about an ‘all options open’ approach against North Korea. Prime Minister Abe had also cautioned that if North Korea continued its provoking actions then Japan would also lend its support to the action taken by the US.

Thereafter, in the last week a meeting was conducted between the senior officials of the Treasury Department of the US & South Korea where it was announced to impose restrictions on North Korea. Also, two days back the US & South Korea agreed upon the deployment of ‘THAAD’ against North Korea. While the the decision about the deployment of ‘THAAD’ was being taken, a war drill has begun in the navy of the US & South Korea and the US aircraft carrier, ‘USS Carl Vinson’ has participated in it.

So far the US had taken a stance of political negotiations and restrictions to stop the nuclear program and missile productions of North Korea. Japan & South Korea had claimed that North Korea could be pressurized by implementing both these alternatives. However, it can be seen that there have been aggressive changes in the stance taken by the Trump administration against North Korea.

Meanwhile, conducting missile tests and generating tensions in the Korean region, could lead to a spark of power conflict or change of power in North Korea, China had predicted such a possibility in the last week. If this occurs then China would deploy its army near the border of North Korea, claimed the Chinese military from their website.

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