North Korea warns of nuclear tests for 3rd time in a month

Seoul : North Korea threatened that if war games between US and South Korea puts it sovereignty in danger, then both the countries will be turned into a heap of ashes through a nuclear attack by North Korea. This is the third time in a month North Korea has warned of a nuclear strike. Still the military exercise began between US and S. Korea over the objections of N. Korea.

North Korea warns of nuclear strikes for 3rd time in a month

A combined military exercise known as Ulchi-Freedom Guardian (UFG) between US and South Korean militaries is being conducted annually. Thousands of fighters from both the countries are participating in the said exercise of 2 weeks. Fifty thousand South Korean soldiers and thirty thousand US forces are involved in this drill which is being held in eastern part of South Korea.

UFG drills have been criticized every year by North Korea. North Korea has alleged that the said drill is aimed at it. North Korea blames that this drill is for practicing the strategies of military overthrowing the rule of Kim Jong-un. Taking this into consideration, North Korea has once again threatened the US and South Korea before they start with said war games.

North Korea warns of nuclear strikes for 3rd time in a month

Threat published by North Korean Army warns about readiness of its ‘First Strike Unit’. Ignoring this threat South Korea has decided to continue with the drills with US Armed forces.

For last few months there are tensions in the Korean peninsula. North Korea has been continuously testing missiles and is also said to have conducted the  Hydrogen Bomb test. It is claimed that North Korea is geared up to carry one more nuclear test. On this background, South Korea along with the US, is preparing for deploying missile defense system called ‘THAAD’ to which China has also objected.

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