Pakistan’s ‘ISI’ pushing Sindh province towards civil war, alleges ‘MQM’ chief Altaf Hussain

Washington: Pakistan’s Spy Agency, the ‘ISI’ is pushing the Sindh province towards a civil war, alleges ‘Muttahida Qaumi Movement’ (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain. Along with the Sindh province, the ‘ISI’ also controls the Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. Altaf Hussain has severely criticized the ‘ISI’ of killing thousands of Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun citizens who opposed the Pakistan Army in the region.

Altaf HussainSince the past few months, the Pakistani Army has undertaken military operations in Karachi and targeted the ‘MQM’. The ‘MQM’ is perceived as a party representing the people who moved from India to Pakistan after the partition and have been twitted as Mohajirs. Altaf Hussain who oversees the operation of the party from London, alleged that the Pakistani army was targeting them. Subsequently, It has now come to light that the Pakistani army has succeeded in splitting up the ‘MQM’.

Therefore, an annoyed Altaf Hussain, opened the Pakistani army and the ISI to a barrage of criticism. While addressing his supporters, Altaf Hussain read out a list of Pakistan’s Punjabi Army and ‘ISI’ wrongdoings by saying that they were behind the killings of the innocent Sindhi Mohajirs, Baloch and Pashtun citizens. Hussain also warned that as more than 20,000 Moharjis had been killed in Pakistan since 1992, the Mohajirs were reaching at the end of their patience and the Sindh province was advancing towards a civil war.

The international community has been made aware of the reality of the proceedings carried out by the ‘ISI’ due to terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omer and Mullah Mansoor Akhter being found in Pakistan.. Altaf Hussain drew everyone’s attention to Iran’s threat of crossing over the borders and taking action against terrorists in Pakistan, which pointed towards Pakistan being isolated more and more. On the grounds of Hussain’s criticism, the Pakistani army as well as ISI appear to be taking more stringent action against the party which has caused discontent even in a city like Karachi which is one of Pakistan’s prominent cities.

Some Pakistani Analysts have claimed that even with the best efforts, it was not possible to suppress the superiority of Altaf Hussain and his MQM party in Karachi and the Sindh province. Meanwhile, it is also being alleged that Pakistan’s Prime minister Nawaz Shariff was secretly aiding Altaf Hussain. Prime Minister Sharif is claimed to have been using Altaf Hussain and the ‘MQM’ to maintain control over the Pakistani Army. Hence, it has now come to the forefront that Pakistan’s internal politics appear to also be at play behind the conflict between the ‘MQM’ and Altaf Hussain against the Pakistani Army and the ISI.

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