Saudi Arabia followed Wahhabi ideology at the request of West during Cold war, reveals Saudi’s Crown Prince

Third World WarWashington: “To stop the spread of the communist philosophy to the Islamic countries, the western countries had requested Saudi Arabia to propagate the ‘Wahhabi Ideology’ in the 1970’s decade. Saudi Arabia sponsored the propagation of the Wahhabi cult in many countries with financial assistance,”revealed Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Prince Mohammed made this claim while talking to a leading daily in the United States.

Since the last few months, Prince Mohammed has announced some revolutionary decisions focussing on the social reforms in Saudi Arabia. The decisions range from issuing driving licenses to women to allowing them entry in the stadiums for the sporting events. Saudi has also made preparations to withdraw the stringent restrictions on women’s dressing. Saudi was always a free and liberal country. But after the Islamic revolution in Iran, Saudi had to adopt the extreme ways, is what Prince Mohammed bin Salman has repeatedly said. Some people are severely criticising Saudi, the country which brought the others under the staunch Wahhabi cult, for liberalising their own country. The clarification given by Prince Mohammed in the United States becomes important against this background.

saudi arabia, wahabi, cold war, prince mohammed“In the cold war times, Soviet Russia had started the spread of communist philosophy in the Islamic countries. To counter the Soviet strategy, the western countries requested the contemporary Saudi Arabian rulers to build Wahhabi places of worship in the Islamic countries. These were even funded by the Saudi institutions and the government. Later on, it became difficult for the Saudi government to keep track of these places of worship in the concerned countries. Now the Saudi institutions are helping these places of worship,” informed Prince Mohammed.

Likewise, Saudi regime is not connected with the organisations creating terrorists and inciting extremism under the cover of these places of worship, claimed Prince Mohammed.

Meanwhile, Saudi Prince Mohammed has met with many Senators, Industrialists and Celebrities along with the big leaders during the United States visit. They include Former President Bill Clinton, Former US Secretary of State John Kerry and also Bloomberg, the Former Governor of New York. There are reports that Prince Mohammed has also met the Jewish spiritual scholars and leaders during his New York visit.

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