US continues support to Saudi-UAE despite the violence in Yemen

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Washington: Although all the groups are responsible for violence in Yemen, the United Nations had alleged that Saudi Arabia and its allies are majorly accountable for it. Saudi was a subject of international criticism after the United Nations report was published. Despite this, the United States continues to support Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates, who have attacked Yemen.

Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies have initiated the conflict with Houthi rebels in Yemen since 2015. More than 50,000 people have been killed in the conflict and the majority of them are women and children, claim international organisations. Both the parties involved in the Yemen conflict are accusing each other. A group in the United Nations has published a 41-page report regarding this.

All the involved groups have been held responsible for the war crimes in Yemen. The United Nations report criticises that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the elected Hadi government in Yemen and the Houthi rebels are all guilty of violating the international rules by causing violence. The report holds Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies more responsible for the war crimes.

Saudi Arabia and its allies had promised not to target around 30,000 locations having civilian settlements and hospitals, before starting the action against the Houthi rebels. But the report alleges that Saudi has failed to keep its promise. Saudi has criticised the concerned United Nations report.

The United Nations report is biased and portrays Saudi and its allies to be guilty. But at the same time, Saudi alleged that the report takes a soft stand on the Houthi rebels who are guilty of attacking the Hadi government supporters and endangering the international marine routes.

US Secretary of Defence James Mattis also accepted that civilians were killed in the Saudi attacks. Saying, ‘Only Saudi was not responsible for this, Mattis declared complete support for the Yemen conflict to its allies in the Gulf. The United States will remain insistent that there is minimum loss of life in the conflict with Houthi rebels. But the action against the Houthi rebels cannot be stopped because of this, clarified Mattis.

Meanwhile, it has already been exposed that there is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi in Yemen. Saudi and its Arab allies have entered this conflict in support of President Hadi’s government in Yemen. Moreover, Saudi and the United States have alleged that the Houthi rebels are receiving financial and military help from Iran.

US navy seizes arms and ammunition near Yemen

The US Navy has seized a ship carrying more than 1,000 rifles for the Houthi rebels in Yemen. The US navy has announced that the ship had AK-47 rifles and it is claimed that Iran was responsible for this arms smuggling. The US navy destroyer USS Jason Dunham patrolling in the international waters acted against the suspicious ship. 1,000 AK-47 rifles were seized from this ship. Other than the rifles the ship had a stock of rocket launchers, and machine guns. The US officials informed that the investigation is on to ascertain as to who had sent the ship for the Houthi rebels.

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