Red Heifer born in Israel after 2,000 years

Third World War

Jerusalem: A Red Heifer which means a flawless red calf, has been born in Israel after nearly 2,000 years. A Jewish group has claimed that this incident is in accordance with the prediction made in the Bible, which is a harbinger of the reincarnation of the Messiah. The Evangelical group in Christianity, who believe that the Prophet will appear again, also endorse this claim.

A flawless red calf, without even a single spot of any other colour on its body, will be born in Israel. The saviour of Jews will be reincarnated after that. The Jewish people believe that the final judgement day will follow this incident. The Evangelical group also believes that the final judgement day will come after the Red Heifer is born in Israel. It is believed that the work on the Third Temple will start in Jerusalem after the Red Heifer is born and the final judgement day will come after that.

Everyone’s attention has been drawn to this event and the information was also posted on social media. All the leading news agencies in the world have carried this news. Currently, the senior Jewish religious officials are inspecting the Red Heifer and it is being examined on all the religious parameters. There have been reports of Red Heifer’s birth before this in 1999 and 2002. But these were denied as they could not hold true on religious parameters. Following this, an organisation named ‘Temple Institute’ was formed in 2015, to try to obtain the birth of Red Heifer.

The event has occurred as described in the Biblical Prophesy and with news of the reincarnation of the saviour, the attention of the Jewish world has been drawn to it. Because of this incident, which has occurred after nearly 2,000 years, the Third Temple will be built in Jerusalem and the Prophet will be reincarnated. The final judgement day will follow. It is claimed that a gruesome war will be fought in this period. Therefore, the belief expressed by the Jewish people and the Evangelical Group is that the birth of the Red Heifer is an indication given by God.

This event happening after 2,000 years is very important and the effects will be seen by the world in the near future. Dainik Pratyaksha had carried an article series titled, Israel: A journey prolonged yet successful! about the history and importance of the Jewish people for the benefit of our readers and this is its background.

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