President Ghani wins Afghan elections

Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani has once again emerged victorious in the Afghanistan elections. The Afghanistan election commission made this announcement. But, Abdullah Abdullah, his opponent has refused to accept this result and has claimed that he is the one who has won the elections. Whereas, the Taliban has refused to accept the victory of President Ghani.

President Ghani wins Afghan electionsPresidential elections were held in Afghanistan in September last year. The elections were conducted under the threats of Taliban terror attacks. Therefore, only 2 million voters out of the 9 million could exercise their voting right. The result of this election was declared on Tuesday. President Ghani earned 923,592 votes, and the opponent Abdullah Abdullah won 720,841 votes. The Afghanistan election commission said Ghani, who received 50% of the votes, the winner. But his opponent Abdullah Abdullah refused to accept the result and announced that he would be forming an all-inclusive government.

Taliban too has refused to accept President Ghani’s victory. There are reports that a peace agreement will be signed between the United States and the Taliban at the end of this month. At the same time, the Taliban attacks are continuing in Afghanistan. Against this background, the picture is clear that the Ghani government will be facing major challenges during its second term. Even if the talks between the Taliban and the United States succeed, the Taliban does not believe in democracy. As per the Taliban, the Ghani government has been established by the western powers and the Afghan people do not support it.

Ashraf Ghani will have to run his government facing bitter opposition from opponent Abdullah Abdullah and the terrorist organisation Taliban. The first challenge faced by Ghani will be clearing the differences between the political parties created over the election results.

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