Pakistan shocked over Afghanistan President not answering its PM’s phone call

Kabul: There have been three terror attacks in the capital city of Kabul in the past 10 days and over 150 lives have been lost in these attacks. In view of these attacks, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had called Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani. But, the Afghanistan president, upset that Pakistan is sheltering the terrorists, did not answer the call. The Afghanistan news agency reported information about this.


afghanistan, pakistan, terrorists, attackPakistan’s Prime Minister Abbasi had called Afghanistan’s President Ghani on Tuesday night. The Pakistan prime minister had called to placate by giving his condolences for the lost lives in the terror attacks, is the information given by the Tolo news agency in Afghanistan. But the Afghanistan president refused to answer this call. This incident becomes very important against the background of the tensions between the two countries following the Kabul terror attacks.

There have been three terror attacks in Kabul in 10 days costing more than 150 lives. It is said that two out of the three attacks were carried out by Taliban and the third by IS. The Afghani agencies are alleging that Pakistan is behind all the three attacks. The Afghani agencies have also said that they have the proof to prove this allegation.

Although, Pakistan has denied all these allegations, the chief of the ‘National Directorate Of Security’ in Afghanistan, Masoom Stanekzai and the Interior Minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak has left for Pakistan with the evidence. Afghani agencies have informed that the evidence for the terrorist attacks have been submitted to Pakistan. But, no details regarding this have been published. Pakistan has also not officially disclosed any information.

The Afghanistan envoy to the US, Majeed Qarar had alleged that the Pakistan army is providing training and supplying arms to the terrorists carrying out terror activities in Afghanistan and India. Also, the Afghanistan envoy to the United Nations, Mahmood Saikal had alleged that the terrorists in the attack on the five-star hotel were trained by Pakistan’s ISI. Mahmoud Saikal had said that the father of the terrorist had confessed to this.

Saikal had appealed to the United Nations saying that the time for strong action against Pakistan was warranted for harbouring the terrorist organisations. US President Trump also had declared that the US will not stop short of complete elimination of Taliban. Even though President Trump didn’t clearly point it out, It is apparent that he has also issued this stern warning to Pakistan who shelters terrorists. Pakistan seems to be panicking under the effect of the threat.

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