Afghanistan President on India Visit

New Delhi : Nobody should shelter those terrorizing India and Afghanistan”, in these no uncertain terms, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghanistan President Ashraf Gani have  warned Pakistan. The Afghan President, arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday night, has signed three treaties including an Extradition Treaty for repatriation of criminals and militants. India has proposed to invest one billion dollars for Afghanistan’s development and capability enhancement.


A few days earlier, President Ghani had warned Pakistan which was blocking movement of its goods into India. President Ghani had warned that if Pakistan would block the trade between Afghanistan and India, Afghanistan in turn, would block Pakistan’s trading routes. Even as Pakistan had softened its stand after that, it had announced that Indian exporters would not be allowed to trade with Afghanistan using these routes. Amidst these increasing tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Afghan President is on a visit to India. President Ghani held detailed discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi  GhaniAfter the talks, both the leaders addressed a joint Press Conference. A loud and clear message was given by both the leaders that both India and Afghanistan had the same stand against terrorism. Prime Minister Modi and President Ghani have demanded that ‘all assistance to any type of terrorism must stop immediately. Nobody should shelter those causing terrorism in India and Afghanistan.’ Even while no direct reference has been made, it is understood that Pakistan was the target in the joint statement. This could increase Pakistan’s concerns.

Three agreements have been signed between India and Afghanistan, which is likely to strengthen the bilateral cooperation. These agreements include an Extradition Treaty for repatriation of criminals and militants and cooperation in the field of Space Research. Also, a treaty was signed for civil and trade cooperation. India has proposed to invest one billion dollars for Afghanistan’s capacity enhancement. Prior to this, India has invested approximately two billion dollars in Afghanistan. Moreover, India has also proposed to supply affordable pharmaceutical products to Afghanistan and also extend cooperation in the field of solar energy.

Most importantly, Prime Minister Modi and President Ghani have agreed to hold tripartite talks amongst Iran, Afghanistan and India to make joint efforts for enhanced connectivity within the Southern Asia through improved transport facilities. It is already agreed to make investment for developing the Iranian port of Chhaber and connecting it to India through Afghanistan. It is becoming amply clear from this that India, Afghanistan and Iran are planning to further enhance the cooperation on this front.

Pakistan’s stand is that the developing cooperation between Afghanistan and India is posing a threat to it. Pakistan criticizes the statements of the Afghan President, saying there is India’s invisible hand behind them. It is also claimed that the real reason for the Afghan President’s India visit is to seek more Indian weapons.  Taliban had warned that India should not supply arms to Afghanistan government. But the US and other responsible governments are demanding that for stability and security in Afghanistan, India should extend more cooperation. It is visible that these demands are receiving a positive response from India. 

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