Pakistan responsible for increasing violence in Afghanistan, accuses European think tank

Amsterdam: – Pakistan is making frantic efforts to bust the peace deal between the United States and Taliban and also the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. A European study group accused that moreover Pakistan is involved in the increased incidence of violence in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants Taliban rule in Afghanistan. But the report of the study group clearly shows that the increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan is hurting Pakistan.

violence in Afghanistan

‘European Foundation for South Asian Studies’ has published this report. The report asserts that there is a Pakistan hand in the violence in Afghanistan. Pakistan is making efforts to bust the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Indian stand supporting peace and development in Afghanistan is not acceptable to Pakistan. The report claims that Pakistan believes that the Indian influence in Afghanistan will reduce if the Taliban gain power in Afghanistan.

The European study group also refers to a report published by the Council of Foreign Relations, from the United States. The report lashes out at the Pakistani links of the terror groups operating in Afghanistan. The United States had lashed out at Pakistan saying that Pakistan, having links with the Haqqani network, is a sponsor of terrorism.

Meanwhile, the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan have increased in the last few days. 30 people were killed in a Taliban attack a few days ago. These even included Afghan soldiers. The European study group accused a Pakistan hand in this dreadful massacre. Only a few days ago, the United States withdrew its military from five of its bases, in accordance to the peace deal signed with the Taliban. Within a few hours of this withdrawal, 27 Taliban terrorists were killed in an encounter between the Taliban and the Afghan security forces.

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