Russia, Iran and Pakistan continue to support Taliban, alleges Pentagon

Washington : The Department of Defense of the United States of America (USA) has alleged that Russia, Iran and Pakistan continue to support the Taliban in Afghanistan which has affected the interests of USA and its campaign against terrorism. The allegation is contained in a report reviewing the status of security in Afghanistan published by the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense. Senior Russian officials have stated, in the context of this very report, that Russia is ready to co-operate with the US on the issue of Afghanistan.


Pakistan,  Russia,  Iran,  Afghanistan,  Donald Trump,  NATOThe Pentagon prepared a report on the security situation in Afghanistan during the period June to December 2017. The report contains details of the support received to the “Afghan Taliban” terrorists from Russia, Iran and Pakistan. The US Secretary of Defense, James Martis as also the chief of the US mission in Afghanistan, John Nicholson also, in their statements, have expressed unambiguous displeasure about the activities of Russia and Iran in Afghanistan.

As per the claim of the Pentagon in its report, “Russia is trying to dilute the influence of the US in Afghanistan as also its neighbouring regions and, for this purpose, has been spreading misinformation about US missions and its objectives. It has been revealed that Russia has begun pressurising the countries in the neighbourhood of Afghanistan and has also exhorted that they should not co-operate with the US and members of NATO”.

Iran has been providing support to Taliban in Afghanistan under the pretext of action against the terrorist organisation IS-Khorasan. The Pentagon has expressed concern in its report that the support to Taliban by Iran impacts the credibility of the Afghan government. The US Department of Defense has alleged that Pakistan continues to be a refuge for the Taliban terrorists and provides space for terrorist groups such as the “Haqqani network”.

The US President Donald Trump announced the new policy related to Afghanistan in the month of August. The policy provides for additional military deployment in Afghanistan along with greater authority and liberty for CIA missions. Against this background, serious concern is expressed in the US circles about the rise in Taliban activities.

In the meantime, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, has stated against the background of the US report that Russia was willing to co-operate with the US on the issue of Afghanistan. In an interview given to a Russian news agency, Kabulov has claimed that Russia is in contact with the senior US functionary Alice Wells.

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