Nexus between Al Qaeda and Iran will provide a reason for the US to attack Iran, claim US officials

Third World WarWashington: Saudi Arabia has been accusing Iran of assisting Al Qaeda and sheltering Al Qaeda leaders. No reliable evidence has been received regarding this. As per the officials from Trump administration, the United States finding evidence regarding this would be reason enough for it to attack Iran. A US newspaper predicted the possibility of an attack by the United States on Iran, quoting these officials.

Senior Minister with the Saudi Arabian foreign ministry, Adel Al-Jubeir, during his visit to Pakistan, levelled this allegation against Iran of sheltering Al Qaeda terrorists. Jubeir alleged that Al Qaeda terrorists were hiding in Iran. Jubeir launched an attack ‘The Al Qaeda terrorists are based in Iran ever since the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Even Osama Bin Laden’s son is in Iran.’

Al qaeda, iran, us, nexusWithin a few hours of Jubeir’s allegations, the front of Saudi and Arab countries revealed information that Iran was supplying arms to the Al Qaeda terrorists. It was claimed that Iranian weapons were found by the military of Saudi and its allies, at the captured locations of Al Qaeda, during the Yemen conflict. The US media is pointing out that there is no evidence regarding this.

The Trump administration too, like Saudi, is making allegations of a nexus between Al Qaeda and Iran. Nathan Sales, the coordinator for counter terrorism policy in the US Department of State, made this allegation during an interview with a US newspaper. Sales criticised ‘Iran has provided shelter to senior leaders of Al Qaeda ever since the 9/11. This beneficial partnership between Iran and Al Qaeda becomes extremely dangerous and intolerable.’

A few months ago, the US Department of State had published a list of countries harbouring terrorism. In this list too, the United States had declared Iran as a big supporter of terrorism. The US Department of State had said that there is a profitable partnership between Iran and Al Qaeda. The US Department of State had also mentioned that Iran assisted Al Qaeda to spread its wings in Syria and South Asia and also provided financial assistance.

Al qaeda, iran, us, nexusThe Al Qaeda terrorists, who survived the crushing bomb attacks on Tora Bora in Afghanistan, in 2009, had escaped to Iran. It is claimed that cooperation was subsequently developed between the Al Qaeda and Iran government. Despite this, the US security agencies do not have solid proof in support of the allegations. Therefore, in the absence of any evidence, the United States cannot initiate attacks on Iran, under the pretext of action against Al Qaeda terrorists.

As per the US media claims, the Trump administration will not hesitate to initiate attacks on Iran, if any valid proof is found about the nexus between Iran and AL Qaeda. These media are quoting sources in the administration and senators. US National Security Advisor, John Bolton and other diplomatic officials connected to Iran have said that all the options are open regarding Iran. Bolton had warned that these also include the option for military action. But till date, the United States has not got a solid proof to justify the military action.

In this scenario, the claims by the US media and the Senators that if the United States gets its hands on any evidence regarding the nexus between Iran and Al Qaeda, the United States attack on Iran is inevitable, seems relevant.

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