Iran will agree to negotiate a real nuclear deal under the pressure of US’ economic sanctions, claims US President

Third World WarSingapore: The meeting between the US President and the North Korean Dictator, who was talking of destroying the United States, has become a hot topic for discussion. The US President has delivered a warning and a message to Iran in apt words, during the press conference after the meeting. The US President, who scrapped the Iranian Nuclear deal, indicated that he now expected to strike a ‘real’ nuclear deal with Iran.


The United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany had signed a nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. According to the nuclear agreement, the sanctions against Iran were withdrawn. However, countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia and other United States’ allies criticised that the agreement had missed its main objective. Israel had expressed its opinion that Iran will be able to make nuclear weapons more openly after this nuclear deal. President Trump had severely criticised the nuclear deal during his election campaign and had warned that he will nullify the deal if elected.

Iran, us, donald trump, real nuclear deal, kim jong-unTrump stayed true to his words, after he became the President of United States, announcing withdrawal from the nuclear deal and imposing strict sanctions against Iran. In addition to the major European countries like the United Kingdom, France and Germany, there were also severe reactions from the political circles in the United States. But President Trump stuck to his guns. President Trump endorsed his stand on Iran, even during the press conference, after the meeting with Kim Jong-Un.

‘There is a major difference in today’s Iran and the Iran three months ago. Iran is not paying too much attention to the happenings in the Mediterranean Sea and seems to have lost its focus from the Syrian developments. Iran does not have the same self-confidence as before. All of this is a result of the sanctions imposed by the United States,’ claimed Donald Trump. He expressed confidence that Iran will have to renegotiate the nuclear deal because of these sanctions. Trump made an indirect offer of negotiations to Iran, saying that he expected a real nuclear deal from the new discussions.

Few weeks ago, United States had given a proposal for a new nuclear deal to Iran, but Iran rejected this proposal. The United Kingdom, France, Germany and Russia said that a new nuclear deal was not necessary. However, after the United States imposed sanctions on Iran, the situation has changed and Iran will be ready to accept the proposal for a new deal, is what President Trump seems to be suggesting.

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