US President issues ultimatum to Venezuelan military

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Miami: US president Donald Trump issued an ultimatum ‘The Venezuelan military will lose everything if they don’t leave the side of Nicholas Maduro.’ The United States has declared that the Maduro government in Venezuela is illegal and Juan Guaido’s government is the official government. The United States has also clarified that as President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido can demand military interference from the United States. President Trump’s ultimatum to the Venezuelan military after this appears to be prepared for military action in that country.

President Trump issued this ultimatum to the Venezuelan military while addressing a rally at Miami in the United States. President Trump warned ‘A new day is breaking in Latin America. The communist rule in Venezuela and the western hemisphere are on the deathbed and freedom, prosperity and democracy are being reborn. Therefore, if the Venezuelan military does not shift its loyalty to opposition leader Juan Guaido, instead of backing the Maduro government, they will have to face dire consequences. The Venezuelan military will have lost everything.’ A large number of Venezuelan and Cuban immigrants attending the rally responded to the statements of Trump with roaring applause.

Trump said further ‘The Venezuelan people want freedom and democracy and the United States is standing in support of these demands. Respecting the popular demand, the United States intends to install democracy in Venezuela, and the Maduro government and Venezuelan military can play a major role in the process. If they choose to take the path offered by the United States, every Venezuelan citizen will have a safe and prosperous life.’ The Venezuelan population is tired of communism and dictatorship, and they want an elected government. The US President expressed confidence that Guaido government can give them this freedom.

Venezuelan-militaryTrump reminded that more than 50 countries had supported Guaido, who has been recognised as the President by the United States from around the world. Trump claimed that other countries from Latin America are also tired of dictatorial rule, just like Venezuela. President Trump levelled an accusation ‘For the last so many years the corrupt communist governments in Cuba and Venezuela supported each other. Venezuela supplied oil to Cuba and Cuba provided security to the corrupt Venezuelan government.’ But President Trump’s announcement that this vicious front will be dismantled was welcomed with applause by the present migrants.

For this, President Trump has warned the Venezuelan military to leave the side of Nicholas Maduro. He also warned the Venezuelan military to be prepared to lose everything, if they don’t accept the suggestion made by the United States. President Trump did not elaborate further. But President Trump clarified that all the options were open to the United States regarding Venezuela.

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