New US bill to target China over Coronavirus, awarding rights for legal action to Americans

Washington: – The United States sharpened the edge of the aggressive political conflict initiated against China. The leading countries of the world, including the United States, accused China of causing substantial financial losses to the global economy through the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of these countries are even preparing to file lawsuits for compensations against China. Against this background, a bill awarding rights to the US population to take legal action against China has been presented in the US Congress. At the same time, charge sheets have been filed by the US agencies against two Chinese hackers for stealing information pertaining to the research in Coronavirus and other sensitive issues.  

The members of the Republican Party in the US Congress have taken the initiative against China. There are six Senators, including Martha McSally and Tom Cotton. This bill is named Civil Justice for Victims of COVID Act. The bill awards a right to the people of the United States to file a lawsuit against China over the Coronavirus pandemic. The law also grants rights to the US judiciary to freeze Chinese assets. It also has a provision to revoke the sovereign immunity awarded to the Chinese communist government. As per the rules governing the political relations, a citizen of a particular country cannot file a lawsuit against the government of the other country.   

Senator Martha McSally supported the bill in aggressive words by stating that the US people lost their lives because of the false information and deceit handed out by the Chinese Communist Party. The people who have lost their near and dear ones or have suffered losses in their businesses have a right to hold the Chinese government accountable and claim damages. According to him, because of the increasing number of deaths due to Coronavirus and the ever-expanding losses caused by it, China has to be held accountable. Other Senators also have endorsed the views and accused that China has consistently tried to hide the facts.  

The intensity of the pandemic is increasing consistently around the world, including the United States. More than 600,000 deaths have been reported to date. The number of deaths in the United States alone has crossed 140,000. There is severe anger against China in the US people over this issue. President Trump is consistently targeting China over this issue. President Trump has made a crushing accusation that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from China, and China consciously allowed it to spread it to the world. Trump and the other US Leaders warned that therefore, the United States would recover the losses incurred from China.  

The United States has still not arrived at the figure to be demanded as compensation from China. But President Trump had warned that this figure would be astronomical. President Trump had given clear indications that this compensation will not be limited on for the United States, and he would try to get the entire world compensated by China. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had warned that China has caused humungous losses in terms of human lives and economy to the United States and China will have to compensate for these losses. Against this background, the bill presented in the US Congress becomes significant.  

Meanwhile, the US Department of Justice has claimed that Chinese hackers have tried to steal information regarding the treatment of Coronavirus and other sensitive matters. A charge sheet has been filed against the Chinese hackers, LI Xiaoyu and DONG Jiazhi. The US agencies, in their charge sheet, have said that both these hackers were working for Chinese intelligence. The charge sheet also claims that these hackers have carried out cyber thefts and attacks even in other countries along with the United States. The European countries, along with the United States, had indicated that cyber theft of sensitive material regarding the Coronavirus pandemic had already started. At that time, they had accused Russia along with China of being involved. 

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