Iran to sign a twenty-year cooperation agreement with Russia

Moscow: The cooperation between Russia and Iran is age-old and it will continue, in the same manner, in the future. Iranian Foreign Minister, Jawad Zarif, announced that cooperation agreement for at least 20 years would be signed with Russia. The United States and its allies are already criticising the Iranian agreement with China for an investment of $400 billion. It is being claimed that Iran is trying to increase its military might, by signing a long-term cooperation agreement with Russia.

iran-russiaIranian Foreign Minister, Jawad Zarif has reached Russia to discuss the cooperation agreement. This is the second visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Russia, in the last month. While talking to the media, regarding his Russia visit, Zarif said that the 20-year cooperation agreement was there on his agenda. Zarif informed that this log-term agreement with Russia would be for vital from the military point of view. During the visit, Zarif will be holding discussions with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Earlier, in 2001, another 20-year cooperation agreement had been signed between Russia and Iran. This agreement is ending in the next year. The Iranian Foreign Minister has reached Russia, in this context. Under this agreement, Russia had sold weapons systems to Iran. These even included an S-400 air defence system. The United States and its allies had criticised this cooperation, saying that this will trigger an arms race in the Gulf. It is being claimed that even today, Iran is trying to bypass the US sanctions, under the disguise of the Russian cooperation.

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