US proposes G11 to counter China, includes India, Russia, Australia and South Korea

Washington: – US President Donal Trump indicated that the G7 group might become G10 or G11 by stating that he believes that the G7 group cannot represent the developments around the world appropriately. This group of only seven countries has become obsolete with time. Therefore, it is being decided to postpone the G7 summit, which was scheduled to be held in June. This summit will be held in September or even after that. At the same time, the group has been proposed to be expanded. The United States would want the inclusion of India, Russia, Australia and South Korea into the group. Following the inclusion of these countries, the group will represent the world appropriately. 

Since the last few months, the US President has opened a major political front against China. With this, the United States and its allies are trying to jolt and corner China in every sector. The United States is receiving increasing support from the international community against China over the issues of Coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong and 5G. But the Trump administration is making efforts to expand the scope of this front beyond these issues. The statement of the US President regarding the expansion of the G7 group also is a part of the same efforts.

The G7 group was formed in the year 1973, on US initiative, on the issue of the fuel crisis. This group formed by the seven leading economies of the world officially came into existence in 1975. In 1998, after the inclusion of Russia, the group was transformed into G8. But after Russia invaded Crimea, Russia was expelled from the group. Currently, only the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan are the members of the group.

Since the last few years, China has been posing challenges to the United States, the superpower of the world, in every sector. As part of these efforts, China has started moves to dominate various agencies and institutions in the world. The United Nations organisation (UN) and institutions linked to the UN are on the list. Chinese domination is evident from the stance taken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) during the current Coronavirus pandemic

Taking cognisance of the Chinese threat, the United States has initiated a campaign to turn more and more countries onto its side. The expansion of a group like G7, operational for the last four decades, with participation from only the leading economies, is a part of the same campaign. While talking about the expansion of G7, the US President has indicated the inclusion of Russia. Sources suggested that the proposal might face opposition from the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

Before the expansion of the G7, the United States has made preparations to increase its active participation in the group’s activities. The United States has accepted the membership to the group formed by the G7 for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. Michael Kratsios, Chief technology officer in the Trump administration, gave this information. Two years ago, the G7 group had presented a proposal to form ‘Global Partnership on AI’. But there was no official announcement as the United States had not participated.

US participation is considered to be a part of the policy to make the G7 group more aggressive against China. In the last few years, China has made substantial advances in the AI sector and is preparing to dominate the world in the industry. The group ‘Global Partnership on AI’ can play a vital role to counter the Chinese activities in the sector.

Meanwhile, against the background of the possible expansion of the G7 group and formation of the ‘Global Partnership on AI’ group, India has announced an important decision. India announced the launching of ‘Artificial Intelligence Portal of India’. The information technology department informed that this portal would act as a ‘One Stop Digital Platform’ for the Artificial Intelligence sector.

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