WHO orders independent inquiry into Coronavirus following threat by Trump

Washington: – US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw the US aid, for the World Health Organisation (WHO) permanently, referring to the WHO as a puppet in the hands of China. Against the background of this threat, the WHO accepted the demand for and independent inquiry into the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the WHO working under instructions of China, seems to have bowed to the pressure exerted by the United States and the international community. 

President Trump, consistently targeting China and WHO over the Coronavirus pandemic, launched a fresh attack on Monday. Trump accused ‘WHO is a puppet in the hands of China. They have always worked in China’s favour and given bad advices to us.’ Trump followed up this warning with the letter addressed to WHO.

Trump, in his letter addressed to the Director General of the WHO, Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, has demanded that there should be important reforms in the organisation in the next 30 days. The US President threatened that if these reforms are not implemented, the United States will discontinue the financial aid provided to the WHO, on a permanent basis and the United State will exit the WHO. Trump expressed displeasure that the United States is meted out this treatment, despite the United States contributing $40 billion for WHO, whereas China contributes hardly $8 billion.

Trump has also alleged in the letter that the consistent blunders of Adhanom and WHO have costed the world very dearly. In view of the successive attacks launched by the US President, the WHO, finally, accepted the demand for an independent inquiry into the Coronavirus pandemic. At this time, the WHO also confessed that there were some lacunas left in the management of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, at a time when the United States and the International community is accusing WHO of being a Chinese accomplice, China has announced an aid of $2 billion for WHO

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