China engaging in an economic war by using Coronavirus as a cover, accuses the United States

Washington: The US Department of Defence has accused China of engaging in an economic war against the United States by using the Coronavirus pandemic as a cover. US President Donald Trump and the administration has initiated a political war against China and have taken some major and aggressive decisions. The officials of the department of defence said that the motive behind this is that the Chinese companies and investments are a threat to the United States and China is trying to challenge this stand using its financial might.   


The Trump administration has taken an aggressive stance that China is solely responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic, and the immense losses suffered by the United States. President Trump and his colleagues have repeatedly warned of teaching China a lesson for these Chinese activities. For this purpose, the United States has taken some major and aggressive decisions, and active movements have started to reduce the Chinese influence in the trade and global economy. At the same time, the Chinese efforts to counter these actions are also becoming apparent.  

Coronavirus pandemic has delivered massive blows to global trade and economy. Industry sector, the mainstay of the economy, has taken a massive financial hit, and there is a shortage of liquidity in the market. Taking advantage of this, the Chinese government has started investing in these vulnerable companies through various routes. The officials of the US Department of Defence have warned that this Chinese investment could pose problems to the United States shortly in defence, as well as other sectors, connected to the national security.  

A few days ago, Allen Lord, a senior official in the defence department, had accused that the adversary countries are trying to play an economic war against the United States, without naming China. His accusations are now being endorsed by the officials from the defence department and other analysts. Peter Navarro, Trade Advisor to President Trump, had recently blamed China of using the Coronavirus pandemic to enhance its military interests.  

To stop this threat of the Chinese economic war, the defence department has started inquiries of all the companies linked with the defence sector. It is being investigated whether any investments made or any possible investments into these companies have a link to China.  

Meanwhile, Australia also has initiated steps to reduce Chinese interference and influence on the economy. The Australian government informed that as a part of the same initiative, talks would soon be started for a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. Australia indicated that the negotiations would be complete by the end of this year. China is the biggest trading partner of Australia, and China is consistently threatening Australia, which has taken a firm stand on the Coronavirus issue.   

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