US State Department warns that American citizens in China are under a threat of Chinese action

Washington: The US State Department has warned that as of now, the American citizens in China are under a threat of being acted upon. The state department has warned that these citizens can be refused using the help of their embassy or exercise their fundamental rights. This warning, which is being issued as the US-China relations are on the verge of escalation, draws attention. A few days ago, Australia too had warned its citizens of being cautious while roaming in China.  


The US State Department warned the citizens and mentioned that the US citizens might be detained without access to US consular services or information about their alleged crime. They may be subjected to prolonged interrogations and extended detention for reasons related to state security. Moreover, the security personnel may detain or deport US citizens for sending private electronic messages critical of the Chinese government.  

Over the last few months, the tension between the US and China is on the rise. Besides, the chief reason behind this escalation is US President Donald Trump’s aggressive campaign against the Chinese Communist regime. Moreover, several senior leaders and officials have rebuked the government after President’s claim. China is being targeted over issues alongside Coronavirus, such as the Chinese actions in the Indo-Pacific region, security law imposed on Hong Kong, atrocities committed on Uyghur community, espionage and cyberattacks. Furthermore, the US Parliament and administration are constantly acting against the Chinese Communist Regime. Hence, the US-China political conflict is close to escalating to the situation of the cold war.  

A few days ago, the Trump administration declared heavy sanctions on Chinese Communist Party leaders and three other officials. Moreover, this is considered the first action by the US to target one of the CCP high officials. While this action is in progress, the US State Secretary has indicated that banning Chinese apps is in the last phase of this sanction. Following this, the White House representative announced that the US President would soon unleash the actions against China. Moreover, President Trump also warned that the option to cease the economic relation with China entirely will always exist.   

But China may retaliate if the US takes action. Moreover, this retaliation may include elements such as US companies and citizens in China. Considering that China can be vengeful of the US actions, the US state secretary has alerted US citizens in China. Moreover, it is considered that the Trump administration is clarifying to its citizens that the US has no faith left in the Chinese regime. 

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