Lasers will be used against mini-drones, claim analysts based on the Laser system tests in Germany

Third World WarBerlin/Moscow: The inexpensive but very effective Mini Drones will undoubtedly become a significant factor in future warfare. The Russian analysts claimed that the Laser weapons would be very effective against such mini-drones. A German company recently conducted successful tests of an advanced Laser system and claimed of successfully targeting the drones and mortars, during the tests. Against this background, the claim of the Russian analysts assumes significance.

German arms maker, Rheinmetall, recently tested a Laser weapon system of 100-Kilowatt capacity. Drones and mortars were used as a target for the Laser during the tests. The company informed that the tests conducted from varying distances were successful. The German company has also claimed to have successfully developed a Functional Weapons System, using the Laser Weapons technology through these tests. The German company has indicated that the new Laser Weapon System can also be effectively used by the navy and the air force, along with the army.

Lasers system, germany, dronesReacting to the successful completion of these tests by the German company, Former Russian military official and analyst, Mikhail Khodarenok stated that the Laser Weapons System would prove to be the most effective option against the mini-drones. “Imagine an attack on an important facility with several hundred AI-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), equipped with warheads the size of a hand grenade and capable of flying into an open window or a cockpit of an aircraft,” said Khodarenok underlining the destructive power of the mini-drones.

Saying that retaliating against the mini-drones with a $ 200,000 missile is foolishness, the Russian analyst warned that it would be a better option to use the inexpensive Laser system against them. Currently, at the international level, the United States, Russia, Germany and many other countries of the world are working on the development of the systems to make use of the Laser technology as a weapon. The developments in the last few years suggest that the United States and Russia have been successful in their efforts.

At the same time, on the other hand, countries like the United States, Russia, China, Israel, Australia and many other countries are working on the development of the mini-drones. Furthermore, Australia recently announced development of drones with artificial intelligence.

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