Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says European elite who govern the bloc are a failure and their “days are numbered”

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Brussels: ‘The European Union and the European Commission have failed to discharge their duties. The effects of this failure will soon be visible in the European Union elections. Therefore, the days of the European Union are numbered and this is a pleasing proposition,’ said the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. The unpopular policies pertaining to the immigrants adopted by Secretary General Juncker are the main cause of the failure of the European Union, alleged Orban.

The European Union has been strongly criticising Hungarian PM Orban for the harsh policies adopted by him against the immigrants. However, without paying heed to the Union’s criticism Orban declared that his country will not be accepting any immigrants. Moreover, the Hungarian Prime Minister has taken a stance to help the leaders, who oppose the immigrants. Orban lashed out at the European Union and Juncker while speaking at a rally.

The decisions taken by the European Union and Juncker will not prevent their exit, claimed Orban. EU Commission’s decision making is like “the last movements of frogs’ leg in biological experiences which we saw when we were at school, which no longer had significance”, commented Orban.

Orban attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying, ‘If I was the German Chancellor I would have taken a harsh stand against the immigrants and would have ordered their expulsion. I would not have cared even if I had to sacrifice my post for that purpose.’

A few days ago, during the European Union elections, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban had sternly warned that the ‘Christian Democracy’ will defeat the Multicultural ideology that wants to convert Europe into a mix on different cultures. The political groups opposed to the immigrants are getting a clear mandate from the people and the people welcoming the immigrants are facing debacles, said Orban.

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