Israel will have to face consequences if it carries out any more attacks on Lebanon, Lebanese President Michel Aoun

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Beirut: Lebanese President Michel Aoun announced ‘If Israel launched any attacks henceforth, into Lebanon, it will have to face the consequences.’ President Aoun is a known supporter of the Iran affiliated terrorist organisation Hezbollah. President Aoun threatened Israel, against the background of the Israeli attacks on the Hezbollah locations in Lebanon, a few days ago.

Israel-face-consequencesJan Kubis, a senior UN official in Lebanon met President Aoun, against the background of the rising tension on the Israel-Lebanon border. President Aoun expressed severe annoyance on the Israeli attacks on the Lebanese territory. President Aoun also clarified that Lebanon is a sovereign country and any Israeli attacks will not be tolerated.

President Aoun threatened ‘Lebanon has a right to retaliate against any attack on its sovereignty and regional integrity. Therefore, henceforth, if there is an attack on Lebanon, Israel will have to face dire consequences.’ President Aoun accused that the drone attacks launched by Israel in the Lebanese capital of Beirut violated the ‘Security Council act 1701’.

Last week, Israel carried out drone attacks on Hezbollah locations in Lebanon. The missile manufacturing technology and equipment, provided by Iran, to Hezbollah, had been destroyed in the attacks. Hezbollah did not allow anyone to visit the sites so that the losses are not revealed to the international community. But, two days later, the Israel military published the information.

Thereafter, Hezbollah launched attacks into Israel, with anti-tank rockets. In retaliation, Israel targeted more Hezbollah locations, in the southern border areas of Lebanon. Hezbollah suffered huge losses in the Israeli attacks. Therefore, President Aoun, who has an alliance with Hezbollah, in Lebanon politics, went on to threaten Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel has always distinguished between Lebanese and Hezbollah targets, while carrying out the attacks. But, two days ago, Israel warned that if there are any more attacks, originating from Lebanon, Lebanon will be held responsible for the attacks. Israel had also pointed out that Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah will be known as the destructor of Lebanon.

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