Golan can be acquired only through a conflict with Israel, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah

Third World War

Beirut/Damascus: Syria, agitated by the acceptance of the Israeli sovereign right over the Golan Hills by the US President, has demanded an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. Whereas, the Hezbollah active in Syria, has warned that the Golan issue can only be solved through conflict and not through political negotiations. Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah has given a call for a conflict for this purpose.

Golan-conflict-IsraelPresident Trump, on Monday, signed a bill accepting Israeli sovereign right over Golan Hills region and said this was a gift from the United States to Israel. The US ally France and other major countries like Russia and China criticised the US decision. Following the opposition of three permanent members of the UN Security Council, to the US decision, Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations petitioned the UN Security Council through a letter.

Syria made a demand that the countries like France other members of the Security Council should take the lead, in initiating discussions on the Israeli right over Golan and the violation of the international laws by the United States. France is currently chairing the Security, and the French Ambassador said that the Syrian demand is under consideration and has indicated discussions on Golan. A few days ago, five European countries, permanent and temporary members, had rejected the decision of President Trump over Golan. It is being predicted that the Security Council will once again take a stand against the US President.

But Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has announced that there is no need to hold discussions regarding Golan. Nasrallah incited his supporters through a video released, saying that if entire Golan is to be acquired, it is possible only through conflict. Nasrallah warned ‘The only option in front of the Syrian and Lebanese people, to reclaim their land, is conflict.’ Nasrallah also said ‘President Trump has made a historic Announcement that will give a new dimension to the Arab-Israel conflict. This announcement has disposed of, all the discussions and negotiations, for peace in the Gulf region.’

Meanwhile, Hezbollah along with Iran and Syria have threatened to acquire Golan, even in the past. The Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah terrorists had even started patrolling in the Golan region near the Israel border. Against this background, the Hezbollah threat is being taken seriously.

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