Israel conducts air raids in Sinai Province of Egypt against the ‘IS’ terrorists, claims US Daily

New York/Tel Aviv : An American daily has claimed that Israel has conducted more than 100 air raids in the ‘North Sinai’ province of Egypt, as a part of the campaign against the ‘IS’ terrorists. The air raids are happening since 2015 and are being carried out with the approval of the Egyptian President, Fattah el-Sisi. This adds strength to the claims of improvement in co-operation between Israel and the Gulf countries.

Israel-conducts-air-raidsSince the last few years, the ‘IS’ and the allied terrorist groups were carrying out large scale attacks in the Sinai province in Egypt. These terrorist groups had targeted the Egyptian army and security agencies. In 2015, the ‘IS’ terrorists had succeeded in shooting down a Russian passenger airliner in Egypt. It was apparent that the Egyptian army and the security agencies had failed to control the increasing terrorist activities. In view of this, Egyptian President el-Sisi decided to take co-operation from Israel, claims American daily ‘The New York Times’.

The US newspaper has described the Israel and Egypt co-operation as a ‘Secret Alliance’. The Egyptian President Sisi took care that the details will not be exposed to the people and the media in Egypt. The US daily has said in its report that only the officers, Sisi’s confidents, in the army and intelligence agencies knew about the co-operation with Israel and the airstrikes..

Israel has used ‘F-16’s, ‘Apache Attack Helicopters’ and drones to carry out the attacks in the Northern Sinai province of Egypt. ‘The New York Times’ reported that Israel carried out one attack per week since 2015. The news is based on the information given by the US and the British officers, the daily clarified.

The report claims that these air attacks in Israel helped the Egyptian army defeat the terrorists and gain control of the area. Before publishing the report,the US daily had contacted the Egyptian intelligence agencies officers and they had expressed their displeasure about the issue.

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