India to corner Pakistan in the ‘FATF’ meeting

New Delhi : India has made preparations to corner Pakistan in the ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FATF) meeting to be held in Paris on the February 18. India is in contact with the US and Russia to increase the pressure on Pakistan, who is funding and covering up for the terror outfits. India is going to produce the evidence about how Pakistan is fooling the international community and helping the terrorist organisations.


FATF, india, pakistan‘FATF’, the watchdog for ‘International Terror Funding’, had met, in last November, in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires. In this meeting no other nation stood behind Pakistan other than China. Therefore, China efforts fell short for saving Pakistan. India had accused Pakistan of funding terrorist organisations violating the United Nations Security Council regulations. The ‘FATF’ report about the Asia-Pacific regions also indicted Pakistan of violating Security Council regulations. The ‘FATF’ had directed Pakistan to reply before the next meeting and had directed to close all the accounts of the terrorist organisations operating in the State Bank of Pakistan.

On this backdrop, Pakistan will have to answer the international community, about ‘terror funding’, in the ‘FATF’ meeting to be held between 18 and 23 February. It is claimed that if Pakistan is not able to provide satisfactory answers, the problems will increase for Pakistan.

According to a news report published two days ago, Pakistan is lobbying in Russia, to avoid being singled out on the terror funding issue. The efforts by China, even on the political level could not save Pakistan in the last meeting. Therefore, Pakistan is desperately trying to get Russia to back itself.

But, India has making all the possible preparations to single out Pakistan. India is in contact with Russia and the US for this purpose. Pakistan has to answer as to what steps it has taken to stop funding the terrorists. But, India had made all the preparations to corner Pakistan by submitting the evidence that Pakistan still continues to fund the terrorists.

The US has issued several warnings to Pakistan for sheltering terrorists in the last few days. This has increased the pressure on Pakistan. There is a possibility that this pressure will increase after the ‘FATF’ meeting.

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