US President appeals Turkey to act carefully in Syria

Washington/Ankara : US President Donald Trump has appealed ‘Turkey should take care during its action in Syria not to enter into a conflict with the American forces’. The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had announced intensification of the army action against the Kurds in Syria. The appeal by the US President was in response to this.

US, IS, syria, turkey, Turkey has started ‘Olive Branch’, an army operation, against the Kurds in the ‘Afrin’ Region. The operation which has been ongoing since the last seven days and the Turkish army has claimed of killing 260 Kurds and ‘IS’ terrorists. The Syrian human rights organisations have complained that more than 50 thousand civilians have displaced due to this army action.

The Turkish President Erdogan announced of intensifying the operation on Wednesday. The Turkish president indicated increasing the air attacks along with artillery fire in the Afrin region and also sending the army to Syria. Subsequently, the White House made clear that a telephonic discussion between the US President and the Turkish President took place.

The White House release said that the US President had expressed his anxiety about the operation. President Trump also brought to the notice that the American interests can be undermined because of the Turkish operation at this time. The US President appealed, ‘Therefore, Turkey should ensure that there is no conflict between the American and the Turkish forces in the coming time’, as told by the White House.

Turkey also accepted the happening of telephonic discussion between President Trump and Erdogan. But Turkish sources claimed that the US President did not express any anxiety over the Turkish army operation in Afrin.

Meanwhile, there are two thousand American soldiers present in Syria as advisors. These soldiers are training the Syrian army as well as the Kurds. Turkey has expressed displeasure over this training and started this operation. In spite of this, Turkish government has said that there will be no conflict between the US and the Turkish armies.

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