Israel claims to have an excellent vaccine in hand for Coronavirus

Jerusalem: Israel has claimed to have developed the best vaccine for Coronavirus. Israel Defence Minister said that the trials of this vaccine would start from October. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the development and expressed satisfaction, saying that the news has increased the energy. In the past, Israel had claimed to have developed antibodies against Coronavirus.

Israel claims to have developed the best vaccine for CoronavirusFollowing the rapid spread of Coronavirus in February, Israeli Prime Minister had ordered the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR), an organisation from the defence sector, to develop a vaccine against Coronavirus. The researchers at the IIBR started their research under the supervision of the Israeli health and defence ministry observers. The vaccine has been developed in six months and IIBR’s Director-General Prof. Shmuel Shapira said that this is an excellent Vaccine. Shapira further added that this vaccine would be helpful in the battle against Coronavirus.

Israeli Defence Minister, Gantz, visited the IIBR on Thursday and assessed the vaccine research. The Defence Minister also had discussions with Shapira. Shapira told Defence Minister Gantz ‘I am holding an excellent vaccine. This is the first bottle of the vaccine.’ Some of the processes are still to be completed. Gantz expressed confidence that after completion of these processes, the human trials will start in October.

Israel claims to have developed the best vaccine for CoronavirusPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also held discussions with the IIBR researchers via videoconferencing. He reviewed the status of the Coronavirus vaccine. Saying that the Coronavirus vaccine has been developed, Netanyahu thanked the researchers and the team. The human trials will be conducted in three stages. The vaccine will be tested on 100 people in the first stage, 1,000 in the second and on 30,000 people in the last stage. Two stages will be complete by the end of this year. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the vaccine would be available in the second quarter of 2021. Before this, the same institute had claimed to have developed antibodies against Coronavirus. This antibody attacks the virus in the patient’s body and neutralises the Coronavirus completely.

Meanwhile, India and Israel have started joint research on the Raid Testing Kit, for Coronavirus diagnosis. Israeli delegation had visited India for this purpose. They collected samples from 20,000 Coronavirus patients from India. After the success of the research, Coronavirus diagnosis will be made with a matter of 10 seconds. Israel has expressed confidence that the results will come in soon and the good news will be received.

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