Israel approves building of Trump Heights in the Golan Heights area  

Jerusalem: Israel announced the construction of Trump Heights on the Golan heights, occupied by Israel during the 1967 war. The Israeli cabinet of ministers recently approved the proposal. The International community, including the United States, had declared that the Israeli occupation of Golan Heights is invalid. But President Trump changed the US stand and awarded official status to the Israeli occupation of Golan Heights. Therefore, the construction being carried out by Israel in this area has been named Trump Heights.   

Last year, in March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had visited the United States. At this time, US President Trump had accepted the Israeli possession of the Golan saying that the Israeli claim is valid. This decision had severe repercussions in the Gulf region. Syria, Iran and some other countries bitterly opposed the decision. But Israel heartily welcomed the decision. Now Israel has decided to name the construction being carried out in the region as Trump Heights. Israel is building civilian settlements in the area, and the United States will be investing USD 2.3 million in the project. Israel had won the Golan region from Syria in the Arab-Israel war in the year 1967. But the international community had declared this Israeli occupation as unauthorised. But in 1991, Israel declared this region as sovereign Israeli territory in 1991.  

The Syrian stand is that it will take this region back from Israel at some point in time. The Assad regime had accused Israel of strengthening the Syrian rebels in the civil war in Syria by using the Golan region. Whereas, Israel accuses the Syrian military and Iran supported Hizbul terrorists for carrying out terrorist activities in this area. There have been reports of encounters in this area between the Syrian army, Hizbul terrorists and the Israeli military. Israel had increased its military deployment in the area after that. Against this background, the construction being carried out by Israel and the name Trump Heights, given to the project, could become a controversial development. Before this, during the tenure of Barack Obama as US President, he had proposed to resolve the Arab-Israel and Israel-Palestine dispute, and that Israel should settle on the border, before the Arab-Israel war in 1967. Israel had rejected the proposal saying that this was an anti-Israel proposal. But Donald Trump, who became the President of the United States after Barack Obama, changed the US stand regarding Israel completely. The building of Trump Heights in the Golan region only approves this US Stand. 

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