Pakistani terror groups have symbiotic relations with Al Qaeda and IS, alleges Afghan Foreign Minister

Kabul: Afghanistan Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar has accused that the Pakistan-based terrorist organisations have close links with Al Qaeda and IS. Atmar warned that this is a threat to the security of the South Asian sector. He targeted Pakistan during a virtual program. Ten Taliban terrorists were killed in an encounter with the Afghan security forces. Last week, the Taliban had announced a ceasefire in Afghanistan. This is the first major encounter between the Taliban and the Afghan security forces since then.

Pakistan-based terrorist organisations linked to Al Qaeda and IS, alleges Afghan Foreign MinisterAtmar said, ‘We are not fighting only with the Taliban. Afghanistan is fighting against four different terrorist organisations at the same time. Currently, Afghanistan is fighting with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, East Turkman Islamic Movement, and Pakistan-based terrorist organisations Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Al Qaeda, and IS. All these terrorist organisations have very close links with each other. They have an organised criminal network on the international level. The narcotic trade is run through these terrorist organisations. This is a threat not only to the South Asian sector but to the whole world.’

Atmar said that India had protested many times against this cross-border terrorism. Without naming Pakistan, Atmar said that Afghanistan is at risk because of the terrorist sanctuaries in the neighbouring countries. A recent report published by the United Nations claimed that there are 6,000 Pakistani terrorists active in Afghanistan. Atmar drew attention to this report. Meanwhile, ten Taliban terrorists were killed in an encounter with the Afghan security forces at Ghazni in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

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