Iran to seek nuclear weapons, accuses US NSA

Third World WarAbu Dhabi/Washington: During his visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), US National Security Advisor (NSA) John Bolton created ripples by alleging Iran of seeking nuclear weapons. Along with the accusation, a video showing Iran testing nuclear-capable missiles, at a secret base has also been released.

The video shows testing of the short-range Qiam-1 missile, at a secret base. The Qiam-1 missile, with a minimum range of 750 kilometres, is a version of the North Korean Scud missile. Both these missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Therefore, video showing, testing of Qiam-1 missile by Iran is creating a stir.

It is said that this video was released, following the announcement by US President Donald Trump of deploying additional 1,500 soldiers in the Gulf. The source of the video is unknown. Earlier, by releasing footage of its secret missile bases, Iran had threatened the United States.

Iran, nsa, john boltanMeanwhile, US NSA John Bolton, on his visit to the UAE, highlighted the nuclear activities of Iran and the attacks on Saudi tankers. Bolton warned that the Iranian nuclear activities have not stopped, despite the harsh economic sanctions, imposed by the United States. Bolton criticised that Iran was continuing with its nuclear weapons manufacturing even when it signed a deal with the western countries and it has still not withdrawn from the activities.

Bolton told the reporters that these Iranian nuclear activities are the most significant cause for concern. Bolton accused Iran of being behind the sabotage attacks on the Saudi tankers near the UAE coast, two weeks ago. Bolton said that the cause for the explosion was marine mines, planted by Iran in that region. He went to claim that no one other than Iran can carry out such attacks.

Meanwhile, last week, General Morteza Qurbani of the Iranian armed forces warned about Iran possessing a secret weapon, to sink the US warships in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian official issued this warning after the US announcement of the additional deployment of 1,500 soldiers. Against this background, the video showing testing of a missile by Iran indicates the situation in the Persian Gulf to be escalating.

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