US will trigger a war against Iran, accuses senior Iranian official

Third World WarTehran: “The United States has already declared war against Iran, imposing harsh sanctions against it. After that, by sending an aircraft carrier with its fleet and B-52 bombers to the Gulf, the US has been fuelling the war,” Senior Iranian official Saeed Jalili accused. Further, Jalili has warned that Iran would undoubtedly retaliate against both these combative actions of the United States. Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif criticised that the United States has been playing a hazardous game accelerating deployments against Iran.

Saeed Jalili, a senior official in the Iranian security committee, who takes all the important decisions after consulting the Iranian supreme commander, Ayatollah Khamenei has targeted the United States. Jalili announced that some of the US leaders and officials have been talking about imposing additional sanctions against Iran. Furthermore, President Trump has been announcing harsher sanctions, one after the other, against Iran. But the Iranian people feel that these US sanctions are nothing but a declaration of war against Iran and that it will soon retaliate against this US provocation for war.’

us, iran, war, iranian officialAt the same time, Iran also feels that nuclear deal issues should be resolved through discussions. But Jalili said that Iran would not accept the conditions laid by the United States for this. “Iran is willing to fight the United States for its rights, interests and principles. Therefore, Iran is not concerned what the United States wants,” the senior Iranian official warned. Khamenei is the supreme leader in Iranian politics, and as per the Iranian legal system, all the rights are vested in his hands. Therefore, even the Iranian military values Khamenei’s words more than President Rouhani’s words.

Against this background, the seriousness of the statements of Jalili who being a member of the security committee works under the guidance of Khamenei assumes significance. Moreover, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, who returned from his Chinese visit has also lashed out at the United States. Zarif warned that the United States had endangered the security of the Middle East countries with these military deployments.

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