Global media discusses death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un  

Washington/Beijing: – Sensational claims are being made around the globe regarding the death of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. A news channel, from Hongkong, connected with the Chinese communist regime, reported that Kim Jong Un was dead. Whereas, a Japanese weekly claimed that V was ‘Brain Dead’. But senior South Korean officials informed that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was very much alive. No country has issued an official acknowledgement. A few days ago, a South Korean website had reported that, a few days ago, Kim Jong Un had undergone a surgery. Thereafter, information was received that China had sent a special delegation to North Korea. It was being said that this Chinese delegation comprised of doctors and other officials.   

The claims of Kim Jong Un’s death gained further momentum, in the international media, after the report of the North Korean visit, by the Chinese delegation. Hongkong based news channel ‘HKS TV’ claimed that Kim Jong Un was dead, quoting sources in China. This news channel is said to be connected to the Chinese communist government. Japanese weekly ‘Shukan Gendai’ claimed that Kim Jong Un was brain dead. The report in the Japanese magazine claims that Kim Jong Un’s health deteriorated following the surgery.  

Senior US Senator, Lindsey Graham, created a sensation with his statement, during an interview with the news channel Fox News, that it will be surprising, if the news of Kim Jong Un’s death, is not received. On Thursday, US President Trump had denied the report stating that Kim Jong Un ‘s condition was critical. Against this background, Senator Graham’s statement becomes significant.  

But the officials in South Korea claimed that the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, was recovering well. Advisor to the South Korean President Moon Jai In, gave this information. The presidential advisor said that as per information received from our sources, Kim Jong Un is in good health.   

Even in 2014, Kim Jong Un had disappeared off the media and the North Korean people, for nearly a month. Thereafter, the North Korean government television published his videos.  

Kim Jong Un’s father and former North Korean dictator Kim Jong the second, had died in the second heart attack in 2011. Kim Jong Un assumed power in North Korea, after that. Kim Jong Un is 35 years old and it is said that his sister will take over as the dictator of North Korea if he dies. 

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