Dictator of North Korea threatens the enemy nations with a direct war

Seoul : The United States is gearing up to deploy the anti-missile system ‘THAAD’ in South Korea and on Saturday, it deployed ‘B-2 Bombers’ on its Guam base in the Asia Pacific region. North Korea has reacted fiercely to this and its dictator has warned that a war could break out any time against these enemy nations. While the South Korean President ‘Park Geun-hye’ has demanded that North Korea should immediately stop its Nuclear programme.
 Dictator of North Korea threatens the enemy nations with a direct war

As per the information published by the Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, it was declared that the ‘B2- Bombers’, deployed on the Guam island are against North Korea. Pentagon had said that this deployment was essential for the safety of our interests in the Asia Pacific region and for the ally nation of South Korea. Post the deployment of the bomber, North Korean dictator, ‘Kim Jong-un’ had severely criticised the United States. Kim Jong-un had signalled that by deploying the military in this region US had crossed its limits.

Additionally, North Korea had also rebuked the war drills starting from the 22nd of August between the United States & South Korea. The Korean mouthpiece had alleged that the war drills were aimed at overthrowing the regime of North Korea. Also the North Korean media accused that the United States might carry out a chemical attack on North Korea. After this, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un  announced warning to both, the United States & to South Korea that a war could break out against these nations at any moment. After this warning, for the first time the level of threat in North Korea has soared to a new high. Therefore, the North Korean media has started claiming the possibility of an expected war in future in the Korean region.

Dictator of North Korea threatens the enemy nations with a direct war

At the same time, the President of South Korea Ms. Park has warned the neighboring nation against its nuclear bomb production activities. President Ms. Park said that ‘The North Korean government of Jong-un should immediately stop its nuclear programme, missile testing and production of weapons of mass destruction threatening the security of South Korea’. The Korean region had gained independence from Japan in 1945. While commemorating the 71 years of the event on Monday, Ms. Park addressed this warning to North Korea.

Furthermore, after underlining the threat to its security from North Korea, President Ms. Park said that South Korea is firm on the deployment of the ‘THAAD‘ anti-missile system. China is issuing warnings that South Korea should not deploy the ‘THAAD’ system.  China has accused that the United States has  deployed the ‘THAAD’ system not to use it against North Kore, but to use it against China. Against this backdrop, a senior official of the United States claimed last week that the THAAD is intended to shoot down the missiles of North Korea and it not to threaten the security of China. South Korean leaders are also affirming this.

Nevertheless, China is adamant on its opposition and is warning that South Korea should reconsider its decision. But, notwithstanding the Chinese warnings, the President of South Korea has reiterated that her government is firm on its deployment of ‘the THAAD’. As per the news coming to the fore, South Korea has started deployment of missiles to attack all the military bases of North Korea, which is spreading terror by conducting its missile testings. For this purpose, South Korea has increased the pace of deployment and surplus production of a short range missile called ‘Hyonmu’, informed a military official.

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